How to Pack for a Tropical Vacation

How to Pack for a Tropical Vacation

What better place to go for a getaway than the tropics? Sunny beaches, scenic views, a rainforest environment are great ways to start the new year. While most places you go, you'll likely be able to find anything you've forgotten, packing for your tropical vacation is still encouraged. And if you are in the midst of winter at home, packing for a completely different climate can be tough to wrap your mind around. It's snowing outside, and you're packing...sandals and sunscreen.

Just to make sure you've got everything covered, here are some things to remember as you start planning out what to bring for your tropical adventure.


Of course, swimsuits are first on the list. It's going to be hot and humid where you are going. While you may be familiar with that kind of weather at home, tropical vacations allow for a different dress code than you are probably used to, and the term "beachwear" just about sums it up. Tropical weather lends itself to beachwear nearly year-round, whether you are swimming or not.

Plus, even if you don't swim, the tropical experience would not be complete without some quality beach time. Will you be working on your tan? Surfing up a storm? Playing in the sand? Let's see which combos (along with that ever-needed bottle of sunscreen) can give you the most for your packing space.

If you are tanning, you'll want full sun exposure and only a few strings that can be easily shifted to avoid lines. Bikinis are just the thing! If you are getting into a high-energy activity like surfing or even beach volleyball, consider adding a pair of women's board shorts so you don't have to worry about those bottoms jumping ship.

If you are planning on the beach and beach alone for your vacation, you'll want to have some sun-protective swimwear to make sure you stay unburned and fully enjoying all your time in the sun. No souvenir sunburns here! Just sexy tans, please!

Tropical Loungewear

While you can wear swimsuits all the time on a tropical vacation, sometimes you want a little more on in the cool of the evening. Loungewear is a bit different in the topics because, again, it tends to get really hot and humid, even at night. In that case, consider light beach cover-ups which are meant to get wet and can be easily washed and dried.

These also tend to roll up tightly and can be stashed in a suitcase corner. A cute beach dress can give just the right sophisticated touch to a romantic tropical night.


If you manage to find time for anything besides the beach, you will probably want to explore the topical terrain rising in beautiful mountainous ridges around you. For this, bathing suits can actually do double duty, especially since you are likely to sweat through whatever you bring and may want the opportunity to jump into whatever waterfall pools or beach coves you discover.

However, shoes are a bit different. Climbing about in your beach sandals could be a little precarious. Plan to bring a pair of shoes good for exploration, whether it is a scenic hike or a local adventure about town. However you choose to go, whether in a T-shirt or a swim shirt, make sure you have the right footwear along with a good hat, plenty of water, and, as always, a lot of sunscreen.

Beach Bag

This is one most people don't think about. Typically, a purse is used for carrying things around. But remember, you are at the beach. And there is a lot of sand and salt all around you. Instead of getting your nice purse sandy and sticky, consider grabbing a beach tote bag so you can take all your necessities to and fro without worrying too much about cleanliness.

Whether it's your towels, sunscreen, some water, some snacks, or a souvenir or two that catch your eye, it's nice to have a quick place to toss it all before you are off to your next experience.

Now that you've decided what you want to bring, roll it, fold it, and pack it away. Don't forget your tickets!


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