How to Pack for a Destination Wedding Overseas

How to Pack for a Destination Wedding Overseas

You get to go to a destination wedding overseas? Wonderful! You’ll have some planning to do to make sure that you look and feel great for the wedding. Let’s look at how to pack for a destination wedding overseas.

Pack for the Worst, Hope for the Best

It’s a great idea to pack everything that you must have for the wedding in your carry-on bag if possible. Depending upon the outfit that you plan to wear to the wedding, this may be a tall order. Not all special occasion dresses fold easily. Garment bags are ideal for transporting special occasion wear, but you may not be allowed to bring one on the plane with you. Check the airline’s rules in advance. Keep in mind that arriving with wrinkles in your wedding outfit would be better than arriving and having your wedding outfit show up late (or not at all) if your luggage gets lost. It’s a great idea to buy a small bottle of wrinkle releaser to keep in your carry-on, too.

Make sure to have items with you that cannot easily replace, like prescription medications, eyeglasses, contact lenses, and your phone. Always carry an extra charger and make sure to have more than one form of payment handy. If you are using a new currency, make sure that you understand the exchange rate, so you won’t be surprised when you get home and receive your credit card bill.

Know the Agenda

You will be going to the wedding! How lovely! What other social gatherings will you be expected to attend while you are there. Is there a rehearsal dinner, a post-wedding brunch, or specific outings planned for sightseeing? Will there be a beach or swimming pool nearby? Make sure to pack a swimsuit! Even if you just get a quick dip in the hotel pool or spa, you’ll be glad you did. It may be the perfect way to relax after all of the festivities.

Know the Culture

Whenever you are traveling overseas, do your best to understand the culture where you will be a guest and what is polite and impolite in that culture. Simple things like hand gestures that might be perfectly acceptable in the states can be offensive in many cultures. Do your homework so you will enjoy your trip and not unintentionally insult anyone in the process. Read up on your destination and its customs. This can be fun as well as an educational pursuit. You may learn about a sight that you don’t want to miss while there. You’ll probably gain a greater appreciation for the people and the culture along the way, too.

Have a “Just in Case Outfit”

It is always wise to have at least one outfit with you that can be dressed up or down. Think of it as an “emergency ensemble.” Otherwise, you could find yourself with only your most casual clothes to wear with one additional dinner invitation that requires something more sophisticated. A black dress that is suitable for both daywear and casual eveningwear is a great choice.

Pack Neutrals

Neutrals are not only sophisticated, but they should also be the backbone of your travel wardrobe. This isn’t to say that you can’t include that fabulous hot pink dress. If it’s a favorite and appropriate (or can be styled to be appropriate), include it.

Make sure to pack a great pair of black pants and your favorite women’s white blouse. With a pair of black heels or snappy flats, this is an outfit that can take you almost anywhere. Plan to mix and match to get the most out of your travel wardrobe (and keep your suitcases to a minimum).

Even if you love color, consider going neutral for your shoes and handbags. This will make them much easier to mix and match. If you like the idea of keeping it simple, stick with neutral jewelry as well (i.e., yellow or white gold, pearls, diamonds, etc.).

Arrive Rested

Make sure that you understand the time zone differences for your travel itinerary and when you will first be expected to join the group to socialize once you arrive. Do your homework on how to adjust your sleep cycle if necessary. You will want to have as much energy as you can for the festivities.

Avoiding alcohol on the plane is a great idea as it disrupts sleep and can lead to feeling dehydrated. If you choose to drink, keep it moderate, and stay hydrated. If you plan to sleep on the plane, bring a sleep mask, decibel reducing earplugs, and make sure and have a women’s cardigan or light jacket with you for warmth and softness in addition to any blankets that the airline may provide. Enjoy the destination wedding overseas!


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