How to Nail the Scholarly Fashion Trend This Fall

How to Nail the Scholarly Fashion Trend This Fall

The scholarly fashion trend is both beautiful and sophisticated. With a few simple pieces (which you may already have in your closet), you can look indulge in the classic, yet on-trend appeal of this new look.

Simple Elegance

Part of the attraction to the scholarly fashion trend is its simplicity. By keeping silhouettes clean and the colors neutral, it creates instant class with a modern, minimalist vibe. Think of the pants and blouses that Katherine Hepburn wore in those classic movies. She always looked like she just threw them on, yet somehow, they were tailored and just right for the occasion. That with a 21st-century twist is the new scholarly look. By sticking with neutral colors like black, white, and camel, or perhaps adding in green or burgundy, you have the advantage of being able to mix and match pieces to create looks for different occasions and different weather. Wearing multiple simple pieces together looks striking. Why not be a showstopper in your classic wardrobe pieces? Whether you’re dressing for the office or a day or evening out, you can look your most chic with the scholarly trend.

Structured Pieces

There is structure to the new scholarly trend. Crisp women’s white blouses, plaid trousers with a tailored look, blazers with defined lines, and skirts and boots with almost “sharp” edges give an air of easy confidence to this look. Start with a pair of plaid or solid neutral dress pants, and add a blousy shirt and a wide belt.

Blazers are a natural for the scholarly trend. Think “preppy,” but with a little less color and more “thrown together.” If you have any plaid elsewhere in your outfit, stick with solid colors for your blazer. Heavier-looking fabrics will also contribute to the structured look. Wool and wool blends lend themselves nicely to the scholarly look and will keep you warm too.

Pleated women’s skirts are a natural for the scholarly trend. Look through your closet for that classic piece you haven’t worn in a while or consider shopping for a new one to spruce up your wardrobe.

Unexpected Combinations

Add a chunky women’s sweater in a neutral color to mix super soft and big with tailored and streamlined. Wear the sweater over a blouse or throw it over your shoulders for a chic look that can do double duty by providing another layer when you need it. By keeping the colors either the same or close to each other and neutral, these pieces will both coordinate and complement each other.

Consider layering a blouse or lightweight sweater under a dress for an interesting combination of textures. Layering is always a double “gift” giving you that fashion boost that you want while allowing you to extend the wear of garments into cooler weather. Isn’t it great when you can wear your favorite garments nine months out of the year?

Boots, Belts, and Bags

The look of smooth leather is classic, minimalist, and looks like something that you would wear or carry on an ivy league college campus. Riding boots or other knee-high boots are a nice choice, especially with a midi skirt. Wide belts with either sweaters or skirts can create visual interest and be on point for the scholarly look. Handbags, tote bags, or backpacks in smooth leather can complete this easy and classic look while providing the practical side of carrying all your must-haves and then some.

Understated Jewelry

Simplicity is key with jewelry for the scholarly look too. Choose at most a few classic pieces. Perhaps a nice watch, a gold neck chain, and some understated earrings. Stick with classic metallic like yellow gold or silver-toned jewelry. Pearls or neutral-colored gemstones will look best with this trend. Using that adage of putting on your accessories and then taking off one of them before you go out the door could work well with this look. You’ll always have another occasion to wear that other favorite piece. And make sure to keep the fun, brightly-colored jewelry in your jewelry box for another occasion if you want to go for the scholarly trend.

Understated Hair

This is another advantage of the scholarly trend—easy and comfortable hair! Of course, this will depend upon your cut and how you prefer to wear your hair, but simple and understated is part of the look, so why not extend that to your lovely locks? Perhaps this is the day to just wear your hair down with a little mousse to keep it in place or go for an easy messy bun or ponytail. Whatever you choose, think easy and classic, and you will nail the scholarly look.

However you choose to combine your current or new wardrobe pieces to achieve the scholarly trend, keep it easy and simple. Don’t you just love a look like that?


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