How to Make Your Pajamas Holiday Gifts a Bit More Special This Year

How to Make Your Pajamas Holiday Gifts a Bit More Special This Year

Pajamas are one of the best holiday gifts you can receive. Everyone loves a new pair of comfy pajamas, especially right as winter is getting ready to do her worst. With a bit of extra effort, you can give pajama holiday gifts that are a bit more special this year. Let’s look at some ideas.

The Right Size is Key

This may seem like a no-brainer but invest a little time to make sure and get this one right. Pajamas should be a bit roomy to be comfortable and allow more airflow than street clothes, yet you don’t want them to be downright baggy. If there is any chance that your loved ones have changed sizes since last year, double-check to make sure you know what size they need this year in pajamas. Growing children and teens can change sizes quickly. When in doubt, measure the little ones (and teens or adults who will let you) or politely ask for their current sizes.

Flannel and Fleece

Seriously, why would anyone wear pajamas that aren’t soft? Cotton flannel pajamas are one of the coziest things in existence. The natural fabric breathes and is as soft as you can get to give them a restful night’s sleep. Although synthetic, fleece also breathes. If you have vegans on your holiday shopping list, they will appreciate the fact that fleece is a man-made alternative to wool, in addition to loving how warm and cozy a pair of fleece pajamas makes them feel. Consider buying a pair of men’s fleece pajamas for the man in your life. He will love what a thoughtful gift you gave him.

Slip in a Pair of Slippers

Not every guy receives men’s slippers for the holidays, but just about every guy loves slippers. Why not give them a full cozy ensemble with a new pair of holiday pajamas and a new pair of slippers that are color coordinated as well as cozy? For a little extra flair, give the loved ones on your list monogrammed slippers.

Whether they’re padding their way to the coffeemaker in the morning, relaxing with a good book, or cuddled up by the fire, having toes that are toasty warm encased in soft and stylish slippers will make them feel luxurious and loved.

Family Pajamas

Have you ever wanted to have matching family Christmas pajamas but just never quite got coordinated enough on time, sizes, and what colors and designs everyone would like to wear? Maybe this is your year!

If you would like to go for matching family Christmas pajamas, pointers from the pros include getting everyone’s sizes as soon as possible (especially if this is going to be a surprise). Keep everyone’s tastes in mind as much as possible. If your son-in-law hates to wear green, maybe opt for red instead. Make sure that the kids’ pajamas are big enough for now but will also last them through this winter if they have a growth spurt. Keep the fabric comfortable and soft—this will make everyone happy. If you are going for a surprise effect, consider wrapping the pajamas in different-sized boxes or bags in different colors and styles. It could be a hoot when the first two or three people unwrap their matching pajamas with non-matching packages.

Don’t Forget the Wrapping

Whether you opt for family pajamas or individualized styles and colors this year, make the wrapping part of the fun. Use personality-themed, paper-like, extra-pretty paper for that girlie girl, maybe something goofy like paper with fish on it for the fisherman on your gift list, and favorite cartoon character paper for the kids. If you prefer a more adult aesthetic for gifts under your tree, you can always hide these away and bring them out the night before (that’s more fun anyway!).

Be both practical and creative with wrapping. For the teens or young adults on a budget, maybe a gift bag that is in red, green, or white but doesn’t scream “Christmas” would be a nice addition so they can reuse it for another occasion. You can also add stocking stuffers right to the packages. Attach a pretty hair ornament to the bow on the package or tie a key chain accessory or a bit of fun jewelry to the handle of a gift bag. Just be careful that the small gifts don’t get lost in all the commotion and wrapping paper.

However, you choose to make your pajamas holiday gifts a bit more special this year, start with the right sizes, add a dash of pizzazz, and mix it together with a lot of love.


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