How to Make Your Home Feel Like Summer

How to Make Your Home Feel Like Summer

For many of us, summer can’t come soon enough. But while you can’t control how quickly the temperature rises, you can control whether your home décor reflects the season. So if you still have Christmas lights up and dark-colored towels and bedding, it’s time to change your color scheme, swap out any seasonal artwork, and add some floral décor to transform your winter chalet to a bright and airy summer cottage. Here are a few essentials to give you some inspiration.

Try Some New Bedding

When the seasons change, you likely swap out your duvet covers and comforters for cooler ones. This is the perfect time to not only try a thinner duvet or comforter but one that comes in a different color or design than you may normally choose. Basic white is great for all seasons, but so are florals or patterns in a variety of bright colors. If you want to brighten up your bedroom, think about using patterns that are printed over a solid white background so it doesn’t look too dark. Otherwise, sticking with pastels or bright blues and yellows is a safe bet for summer. Grays and jewel colors tend to remind us more of winter, so try to stray from those.

Give Your Couch a Makeover

Besides the time spent sleeping in their bedrooms, most families spend a majority of their awake time on the couch. As such, finding a summery, lightweight throw blanket to drape over the back of the couch can make it look completely different and even new. Add a throw pillow to match, and you’re good to go for the summer.

Use All Your Senses

Making your home look different is one thing, but making it feel different involves using all of your senses. Try placing a summery-scented diffuser or candle in your kitchen. Opt for fruity or floral scents instead of the vanilla cookie, pumpkin, pine, or cinnamon scents you crave during winter. Also, try to think of the type of flowers that remind you of spring and summer. Lilacs, for example, make a great floral fragrance, and the scent isn’t too strong. Coconut, lime, berries, watermelon, and citrus all invoke summery vibes as well. While you can do this in any room in the house, this is a great way to give your kitchen a summer makeover as it doesn’t take up much precious real estate on the countertop or table.

Try Beachy Colors for the Bathroom

It really doesn’t take more than a new set of bath towels or a bath mat to make your bathroom look completely different. Whites are always safe for summer, but they might get a little boring. If you go the white route for your bath towels, consider hanging different colored hand towels for a bit of a pop. Basic blue is big this year because it evokes beachy vibes, plus it can look great against a white backdrop. Yellows and grassy greens are great for a summery look, too.

Consider New Artwork

While you can certainly purchase new artwork that fits the theme of summer, it doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be official “art.” Let’s say you have a favorite blanket, rug, or pillowcase that you love the look of too much to actually use. Throw it under a frame and hang it as artwork. Or if you’re feeling inspired, you can paint your own abstract art. Head to your local craft store to purchase canvases and watercolors or acrylics and paint a beach scene, some abstract flowers, or even wildlife. It’s a great way to make a house more personal by making your summer décor unique compared to everyone else’s. Photos of past summer vacations hung on the walls can also make it feel like summer and tug at the heartstrings at the same time.

Stock up on Summery Storage Staples

Storage plays a big part in how a home looks. After all, having things scattered about can make a home look cluttered. In the summertime, a bright and airy space is ideal, which means hiding that clutter out of sight. That doesn’t imply you have to hide it somewhere inaccessible, though. A storage basket comes in different sizes and can be filled with essential items. So if you have office or school supplies you need to keep handy, tuck them into a summery seagrass basket.

You don’t have to wait for warmer temperatures and ideal weather to make your home feel like summer. It’s all in your mindset. But a little décor can go a long way in helping you to feel the change in the season even more than Mother Nature can.


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