How to Make Your Home Feel Extra Cozy This Winter

How to Make Your Home Feel Extra Cozy This Winter

Winter is all about being cozy, and there’s nothing more relaxing than being snug as a bug at home. From curling up by the fire with a good novel and some tea to becoming one with a pile of fleece blankets on the couch during a seasonal holiday movie, certain activities just call for cold days. When the weather plummets outside is when we can lean into our homebody tendencies, since without the siren call of a sunny day (or the cell phone call to join your friends for a beach day or park picnic), we can indulge in a TV marathon or enjoy a lazy Sunday without any distractions. And even if you don’t have a ton of downtime during the winter, or if you’re one of those impressive people who still manages to stay super social all season long, it’s still oh-so-nice to come home to a cozy home after weathering the, well, weather.

Having a cozy space to enjoy during the winter is essential for those chilly days when we commit to doing nothing but chilling at home to those weeks with back-to-back holiday parties. That’s why we’ve put together this list of a few tips and suggestions for making your home feel extra comfy and cozy all season long. Read on for inspiration that’ll actually leave you feeling excited about the cold weather.

Snuggle Up in Flannel Bedding

Having a cozy home starts with your bed, and having a cozy bed begins with your bedding. So, the first tip on your list for getting your home winter-ready is to upgrade your sleep space with some soft flannel sheets that’ll keep you warm and comfy on even the coldest of nights. You’ll love the feeling of crawling into bed in the winter months with seriously soft Supima flannel or luxurious velvet flannel sheets to help you drift off to dreamland. Velvet flannel is brushed for added silky softness, so get ready for your coziest winter nights ever. While the material is the most important factor when it comes to picking out cozy sheets, certain prints or hues can also make the space feel comfier. Opt for prints like classic and seasonally-approved plaid or solid warm hues like navy or rust red.

Catch Extra Cozy Points With a Throw

It’s no secret that throw blankets instantly make a space feel cozier. After all, throw blankets are essential for cocooning on the couch during winter movie marathons or for maximizing slow winter mornings in bed when it’s simply too cold to rush anywhere.

To upgrade your throw blanket game this winter, opt for soft materials that help to trap in warmth. A cloudlike cashmere throw will elevate any living room or den and is a great way to refresh a couch or loveseat without investing in new furniture. Or, opt for a soft and practical fleece throw. In addition to bringing added warmth to a space, throws also make your home look cozier from an aesthetic standpoint, so it’s a win-win.

Pile on The Pillows

While we’re on the subject of throws (it’s one of our favorite subjects, if you can’t tell), let’s dive into the many cozy benefits of throw pillows. Throw pillows are essential for making your living room, den, home office, bedroom, or any guest rooms in your home feel ready for the winter.

Opt for soft throws that bring comfort to a chair, bed, or couch with materials that feel on-point for the season, like a whimsical yet comfy fringe waffle weave throw pillow in a peaceful ivory shade. Or, go with a perfect print for the season, like a red plaid throw pillow in a cash touch material, which is as soft as cashmere.

Stock Up on Candles

While getting comfy and making your home feel and look cozier for the winter starts with all things soft and snuggly, scents and lighting are also key, and candles hit both of those marks. Candles are absolutely necessary for creating a cozy space when it’s cold out, just be sure to always place them in safe spots around a room and remember to blow them out before you drift off in your oh-so-cozy flannel bedding.

Seasonal scents like cinnamon pinecone Christmas candles or dreamy cottage core scents like woods or cabin will instantly make any space in your home feel like a cozy winter wonderland.

Easy steps like upgrading your bedding with velvet flannel sheets, refreshing any room with cashmere throws or cash touch pillows, and incorporating seasonal candles into your space are all easy, yet oh-so-effective ways to make your home feel cozier than ever this winter. We hope you have a ton of movie marathons, mugs of hot cocoa by the fire, and lazy Sundays in bed while the snow falls outside this season!

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