How to Make Your Home Cozy for the Winter

How to Make Your Home Cozy for the Winter

Winter can be pretty, and the snow can be inviting to get out there and play. But winter can also be dreary at times. The days are shorter, the weather can be downright blustery, and it can make us long for spring. Here at the Lands’ End headquarters in Wisconsin, we know how challenging winter weather can be, but we also know how fun it can be as well.

We’ve also become experts at _hygge_ — a Norwegian word that describes the art of making your home cozy and creating a comfortable environment that makes you long for winter instead of dread it. Hygge embodies togetherness, relaxation, and overall comfort — who doesn’t need that this winter? If this sounds like something your home can use a little help with, read on for our recommendations on how to make your home cozy for the winter.

Entryways and Hallways

The feeling of being home starts as soon as you arrive at your doorstep. Do you have a welcoming entryway? Start with the front door, for example. Consider a personalized doormat — something that says this is your home and you’re proud of it. Hanging something on your actual front door is a nice touch, too, like a wreath or a wooden ornament. The homey feeling should continue when you walk indoors into the hallway or entryway as well. Make sure it is uncluttered, has a place to hang your coat and put your shoes, and is inviting to anyone that steps into your home. 

The Living Room

Whether you call it a den, a family room, or a living room, every home has an area where people like to gather and spend most of their time, so give it some special attention. Again, making sure it is uncluttered is a great start. If you have games, remote controls, CDs, albums, books, and magazines lying around because they’re what you use most in your free time, don’t feel you have to stow them away completely. You can still make sure they’re within an arm’s reach by putting them in wicker or canvas storage baskets, which can match practically any type of décor. Having some throw blankets and pillows lying around is inviting, too, as it makes you want to curl up in something warm for reading, watching TV, or just chatting over a hot cup of coffee or tea.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often where families not only eat meals, but also do homework, play board games, bake cookies, and more. Bringing the living room into the kitchen is a very trendy look that’s sure to stay. Take those throw blankets, and hang a couple over the back of the kitchen chairs. Place some throw pillows or seat cushions on your window nook. Light a scented candle. Whatever you do in your living room to make it look homey and cozy, do the same in your kitchen and see how it looks!

The Bathroom

Are you a bath person or a shower person? Perhaps you are a little bit of both but don’t often allow yourself time to take a bath with kids or other obligations that tend to get in the way. This winter, take some time for yourself and lock yourself up in the bathroom for a bit of pampering. The first step to making it cozy and inviting is to take a look at your bath mat and towels. Have they seen better days? Are they less fluffy than they once were? It may be time for new ones. Invest in a bath mat that feels great against your feet but also dries quickly. Get some bath towels to match, but make sure they’re of high quality, like Supima cotton, so they can withstand all the washing. As for color, cream is great for winter and allows you to add whatever décor you like without worrying about whether it will match. Now all you need are some candles and some bath bubbles, and you’ll be ready to actually enjoy your bathroom this winter.

The Bedroom

If you want to make your home cozy for the winter, you certainly can’t ignore your bedroom. When it’s time to hit the hay on a cold and blustery night, what’s more inviting than curling up between some soft, warm flannel sheets under a thick down comforter? Another tip for keeping your bedroom inviting and cozy this winter is to clear it of any distractions that fight your ability to sleep. That means no work laptop, no TV, no laundry that needs folding — you get the idea. A cozy bedroom should encourage you to think about nothing but sleep, although having a good book at your bedside table is fine.

Don’t let winter get you down. Make the most of it by creating an environment where you can appreciate the comfort of home and spend time with your loved ones.


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