Make Your Home Festive and Cozy for the Holidays

How to Make Your Home Festive and Cozy for the Holidays

Certain things about the holiday season just give us that warm and fuzzy feeling that only comes once a year. Be it the twinkling of Christmas lights around a douglas fir, or the glow of the menorah while you enjoy latkes with family, or gathering with friends to watch a holiday movie marathon by a roaring fire, no matter how we celebrate the holidays that festive and cozy feeling is essential for making the season feel special.

That’s why when decorating your home for the winter holidays, it’s oh-so-important to add decor and other touches that make your home feel warm, inviting, and full of holiday cheer. So whether you’re planning on hosting guests for the holidays or just want your space to feel like a winter wonderland while you enjoy a lowkey season at home, below are some tips and suggestions for making your home feel festive and cozy for the holidays.

Festive Fleece and Flannel Bed Sheets

When you think about all things cozy, what materials come to mind? For us, fleece and flannel are top of the list. So, when thinking about how to make your home feel both festive and cozy for the holiday season, one super-easy way to achieve this is to swap out your standard bedding for comfy fleece or flannel sheets.

To achieve maximum comfort and warmth in any bedroom, start with fleece bed sheets . Cozy fleece will feel like you (or your guests!) are sleeping on a cloud. Plus, if you live somewhere that gets super cold in the winter, these are a must for having your comfiest and warmest nights and mornings yet. Speaking of mornings, waking up on Christmas morning in oh-so-classic fleece red and black buffalo check sheets is a guaranteed way to feel festive the moment you open your eyes. And crawling into bed after another perfect night of Hanukkah is made all the better with blue and white buffalo check fleece bedding.

Flannel sheets are another great option for making any bedroom in your home feel festive and cozy. Velvety soft flannel is about as comfy as it gets, and you can opt for lovely holiday prints like embroidered deer or winter wonderland-worthy trees to make any sleep space feel truly magical.

Comfy-Cozy Holiday Accents

Keeping in the theme of all things comfy, you can add other accents like throw pillows and blankets to up the cozy factor in any bedroom, living room, den, or home office in your house.

For decor that’s equal parts festive and comfortable, opt for some Christmas Throw Pillows that’ll add some instant holiday cheer to any armchair, bed, or couch in your home. Go with a ridiculously soft, cashmere-like cash touch pillow in red plaid or an embroidered decorative pillow with reindeer or Christmas trees.

Throw blankets are another essential for making your home feel festive and cozy for the holidays. Add a throw to any bed, chair, or couch to make any space feel warmer and more inviting. Opt for a holiday-ready ivory-hued velvet throw blanket with a faux fur back (you’ll likely want to keep this one out long after the holidays end!), a blue plush fleece throw with a fun snowflake print, or a red and white knit throw with a Christmasy print.

Seasonal Scented Candles

Now that you have the comfy boxes all checked off, next you’ll want to imbue any space with even more of that festive holiday spirit with seasonal scented candles. Add your favorite Christmas scents to any room with Christmas candles, like cinnamon pinecone or sage evergreen. Or, opt for other favorite holiday scents that’ll make your entire home feel like a farmhouse dream, like woodsy amber and teak, or scents that’ll make everyone in your home ready to bake the next batch of holiday goodies, like vanilla.

As a tip here, if you have lots of kiddos in your home or will be over the holidays and are at all worried about needing to keep these out of reach, there are other ways to achieve the magic of these holiday scents. Instead, opt for an essential oil diffuser or fresh Christmas garlands or wreaths that’ll leave your home smelling lovely all season long.

No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, thoughtful touches like soft bedding, inviting throw pillows and blankets, and seasonal scents are all easy ways to make your home feel like a warm and inviting winter wonderland.

We hope that your holiday season is full of festive and cozy moments with family and friends!

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