How to Give Your Home Cabincore Vibes This Fall

How to Give Your Home Cabincore Vibes this Fall

Anyone who has spent more than a minute scrolling through Pinterest has heard of cottagecore and its fall cousin cabincore, popular internet trends that center around the dream of living your best life in a cute cottage deep, deep in the forest where the buzz of the modern day can’t reach you. You might have even found yourself day dreaming about picking flowers outside your secluded cabin while a freshly baked pie cools on the window sill and your cats lounge around on warm rocks in the sun. Unfortunately, abandoning your life to disappear into the woods is neither easy nor cheap, and think about what the in-laws would say! Here are a few tips on how to bring the comfort and relaxing vibes of the cabincore aesthetic into your own home without the hassle of leaving your current life behind.

Keep it Cozy

The main difference between cabincore and cottagecore is the weather. While cottagecore centers more around the warmth of summer and spring and the many outdoor activities associated with those seasons, cabincore features staying comfy and cozy despite the cold. If you don’t have a fireplace to snuggle up in front of on chilly nights, try draping a quilt over the back of your sofa or keeping a couple throw blankets folded up in a basket for instant warmth whenever you need it. Bring the coziness into the bedroom with flannel sheets that will keep you snug at night while also incorporating a lumberjack-esque plaid pattern that is common in cabincore looks.

Decorate with Antiques

It doesn’t take a lot of expensive finery to give your home a cabincore feel; in fact, the perfect pieces you’re looking for could be waiting for you in your town’s local antique shop right now! Keep an eye out for tin cups and bowls, old hardcover books with decorated spines, glassware that gives you nostalgic vibes, mugs and tea cups for hot chocolate, and anything that reminds you of being out in nature. This is where you can fit the cabincore aesthetic to your own tastes; something as simple as a stained wooden photo frame or a vintage board game might bring back all those cozy grandma’s cabin memories you’re trying to channel in your home. Scatter your new found treasures around your home to give your modern decor a touch of nostalgia without completely overthrowing the look completely. If you’re feeling crafty, try pressing some of your favorite flowers and plants and framing them for the mantelpiece. All you need is a book, some parchment paper, a bloom you wouldn’t mind saving, and time for gravity to work its magic!

Light it Up

One of the not-so-great things fall and winter are famous for are their shortened days and long-lasting nights. Keep the darkness at bay with cute and simple cabin core accessories like candles that can be both useful and decorative. Make sure that you grab your favorite scents so that your house smells just as cozy and homely as it looks. Not so keen on starting small fires in your home? Decorate your space with Christmas lights or fairy lights for a similar warm glow without the potential for setting off the smoke alarm. Christmas lights are great for lighting the living room in the evening when you’re winding down for the night and the ceiling lights are a bit much. Christmas lights are also a great option for people with smaller decorating budgets.

Look the Part

Fit right in with your cabin core wonderland by adding the aesthetic to your closet as well as your home. You might be surprised to find that everything you need is in your wardrobe already! The flannel shirt is pretty much the cornerstone of the cabin core look, so throw one over your favorite plain white or graphic tee for a quick and easy cabincore outfit any day of the week. As the temperatures start to drop, incorporate some warm wool sweaters into your rotation. Comfy cardigans are a must, so don’t be afraid to load up on all of your favorite colors. Pair these tops with jeans or leggings that can be tucked into a set of sturdy boots or rolled up around the ankle if needed. Once you have the basic look together, accessorize! Try out a comfy beanie, thick knit scarf, or handmade mittens; if it’s warm, it’s cabincore!

Make Cabincore Work for You

There’s no right way to incorporate the cabincore look or cottagecore aesthetic into your life, so follow your heart and do what feels right. Not a fan of the plaid fabrics every cabincore influencer seems to be draping around their homes? No problem, find something that better fits your personality and rock it! If it makes you feel like you’re snuggled up in a cozy cabin in the woods, it’s cabincore. It doesn’t get much easier than that!


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