Make Your Guest Room Feel Cozy for Holiday Guests

How to Make Your Guest Room Feel Cozy for Holiday Guests

If you’re hosting for the holidays, you’re likely already thinking about how to get your home guest-ready. We all like to take extra measures to make our guests feel comfortable when they visit. Some of us might give the house a deep clean, or perhaps we bust out the slightly nicer dinnerware, or maybe it’s all about the little touches, like getting some flowers for the guest room or a new print up in the guest room bathroom.

However, you prepare for guests to visit and stay in your home, having guests for the holidays requires a few extra steps. The good news is that these additional steps can be fuss-free and fun and even help get you into the holiday spirit. So, as you’re decorating the house for the holidays, from picking out a Christmas tree to perfecting your latke recipes (or however you and yours celebrate this special time!), don’t forget to keep the guest room in the equation. Read on for suggestions and tips for making your guest room feel extra cozy for your extra special holiday guests.

Seasonal Candles and Lighting

There’s nothing quite like some lovely seasonal candles and soft lighting to make a room feel extra cozy. In fact, the right mix of scented candles and decorative lighting can make a room feel downright magical, so this is a great place to start when getting your guest room ready for holiday guests.

Start with adding some candles with seasonal scents, like Christmas candles. You can also opt to decorate holiday-themed votive candle holders and use scented tea lights. When it comes to candle scents, you can’t go wrong with a cinnamon pinecone or sage evergreen. Add a nice candle or two that your guests can light and tasteful string lights like paper lanterns.

If you have any young kiddos staying in your guest room, you can also take extra safety measures by using flameless, battery-powered candles. You can go this route and still bring a nice scent to the room by opting for a mix of flameless candles and a holiday-scented reed diffuser.

Cozy and Festive Bedding

Of course, having comfy bedding is essential in creating a cozy space for your guests. You can transform your guest room and enhance their experience staying with you simply by upgrading to comfy seasonal bedding.

If you want to go all out, opt for oh-so-comfy Christmas bedding like a flannel embroidered sheet set in a festive print like reindeer or ivory dogs. You can go with flannel sheets such as dreamy velvet flannel in a classic red plaid print or a warm solid hue, depending on what looks best with the existing vibe and décor in the room.

Of course, having the comfiest possible bedding doesn’t stop at the sheets. To make your guests’ sleep space even cozier, simply add a dreamy fleece blanket. Opt for a seriously soft sherpa fleece throw blanket that you can put on top of the comforter or quilt that you already have on the bed. Just don’t be surprised if your guests never want to leave.

Thoughtful Touches and Accents

Now that you’ve set the stage for a seriously cozy experience for your guests, add comfy touches that’ll make their time even more special.

If you have a chair or bench in your guest room, add a faux fur or velvet throw blanket or a cashmere-like cash touch throw pillow. These tasteful touches will make the room feel cozier, warmer, and more inviting, and plus, you can absolutely move them into your own room or use them in your living room once the visit ends (trust us, you’ll want to enjoy these yourself!).

You can also add seasonal décor to shelves or night tables to truly make the room feel like a winter wonderland, making the holiday that much more magical for you and your guests. Opt for Christmas accents like tasteful resin Santas or carved wooden Christmas trees that’ll transform any shelf in the room, or if your guests are there to celebrate another holiday, opt for décor like pom pom garland that features the holiday’s colors, like blue and gold for Hanukkah. A pom garland looks oh-so-cute hung over a mantel or wrapped around a curtain rod.

Hosting for the holidays can be a great way to make the season and the occasion feel even more magical! Any guest will appreciate these thoughtful touches from close friends to family and will love waking up in a comfy and cozy space while they spend time with you. Happy holidays to you and yours!

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