How to Make Hygge in Your Home

How to Make Hygge in Your Home

If you love ultimately coziness and haven’t heard about hygge, then you’re definitely in for a treat! If you do know what hygge is, then you definitely understand why it’s so trendy. This home décor trend and lifestyle is Nordic-inspired from Norwegian and Danish styles of coziness. If you are looking to make your home and life infused with more coziness, then perhaps hygge is the vibe you’ve been waiting for.

What Is Hygge?

Technically, hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word that is used to acknowledge a feeling or moment that is cozy, charming, and special. This can be whether alone or with friends, home or out, or ordinary or extraordinary, hygge is just one of those words that don’t completely translate to English because it captures an essence. As a lifestyle, hygge means finding comfort, pleasure, and warmth in life's simplicity and soothing elements. Created as a concept and lifestyle in the 18th century, it is now a fundamental part of Danish culture. Hygge, or the mood of coziness and comfort tinged with feelings of wellness and contentment, isn’t just a word; it’s a whole vibe that has taken on shape as a home décor style and even a lifestyle. The main idea of hygge home décor is to create a peaceful, cozy, and serene space that is clutter-free and cheerful. Think of roaring log fires, home-baked bread, the room by candlelight, snuggling under a wool throw blanket, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Sounds appealing? Here are some ways to bring more hygge into your life and home.

Incorporate Natural Elements

One of the most fundamental aspects of the hygge home is to bring the outside to be enjoyed inside. Natural elements are key to getting that cozy and relaxed hygge vibe. Though Nordic winters don’t offer much greenery, that doesn’t stop hygge lovers from bringing greenery into their homes to brighten them up. Bring in plants and other flora-inspired decors to bring in the feelings of the natural world into your home. Wood is another important element to incorporate into your home décor. Elements such as wood floors, wooded furniture, and other wood-inspired decors. Other natural details that can be brought into your home are textures pieces, clay, unfinished wood, seagrass baskets, and fresh greenery.

Warm and Natural Lighting

Warm and natural lighting is another way to bring more hygge into your home. People often think of candles when they think of hygge, and for a good reason. It’s because candles produce the perfect soft and warm lighting that is so signature of the hygge style. The warm glow of candles creates the perfect atmosphere that lifts the spirits and brings warm light into your home on a winter evening. Swap artificial hard lights for softer and more natural lights, including candles and softer lightbulbs with lampshades. Enhancing the natural light coming in from the outdoors is also an important part of bringing more hygge into your life. Keep curtains open, hang mirrors, and leave the space around windows open and clear. There’s not a lot of light during the Nordic winter, so bringing is as much natural light into your home as possible is important.

Warm and Neutral Palettes

Everything hygge is about coziness and warmth. So you can imagine that since hygge makes your home feel inviting and warm, as a concept and décor style, warmth is an important part of the palette. Cool tones and bright pops of color aren’t exactly no-go's, but warm neutrals such as creams, beiges, and earth tones feel more relaxing and inviting. Even if your home is already decoded with its color palette, add some throw pillows, art pieces, décor pieces, and other natural and neutral color accents that can bring some of the hygge warmth to your home.

Integrate Textures

Layering textures in your décor is a great way to bring more hygge into your home. This is because well-layered textures offer an inviting comfort and warmth. Hygge is just as much about how you feel as it is about how things look. Textures can help you feel more comfortable and welcome in a space, especially if they are balanced. Think of texture such as knits, rough wood, clay, weaves, wools, and woven grass baskets, and canvas storage bins.

Vintage Touches

Vintage touches can add some of the feelings of nostalgia and ancestry that are an important part of hygge life. Check out some flea markets and antique shops to see if you can find some vintage or antique items that resonate with your personal style. Even adding a couple of pieces to your décor can add some of that old-world hominess that feels comfortable and inviting. From the hygge perspective, furniture, household objects, and décor are more than just a style; it also carries an essence. Furniture should do more than just show off our style, but also to hold emotional value and tell a story. Bringing vintage or personal pieces into your home will give your space not just a cool style aesthetically but also a vibe and energy that feels homey and special.

Simplicity is Key

As with most things Scandinavian and Nordic, simplicity is key. And the same can be said for hygge. The hygge life is all about ease, comfort, and contentment, so be sure to keep your space simple and decluttered. If you don’t like something, move it out. Keep things in your space that make you really happy and enjoy living. It’s truly that simple.

Feeling inspired to bring your cozy home to the next level? Perhaps begin to incorporate some of these hygge elements into your home and life.

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