How to Make Clothes Shopping Easier for Your Man

How to Make Clothes Shopping Easier for Your Man

When it comes to shopping, it can be hard to motivate your man. From getting him to the mall to questions of taste, the obstacles can seem overwhelming. We understand that shopping may be a struggle for men, but it doesn’t have to be! You can help your man look and feel his best no matter what clothes he’s looking for. Here are a few tips to make shopping easier (and even fun) for your man.

Shop From Home

Hard to get your man out of the house? You’re not alone! Many men don’t enjoy shopping for clothes because they are overwhelmed by mall crowds, cramped fitting rooms, and confusing department store layouts. It’s also daunting to have to visit various different locations for different items, and depending on your setting, stores could have him driving back and forth across town. By offering catalogue options, he can shop to look his best at home! Our catalogues are simple and accessible. They offer everything we carry in store with even more styling options and sizes.

The same goes for our website! Our full collection of apparel is online so your man can buy for any occasion, from men’s dress shirts to men’s pajamas from the comfort of your own home. If a style doesn’t fit right or he needs another size, simply return unwanted items through the mail! Having a variety of clothing options in one place can remove the stress of deciding where to start, so send him our way for a one-stop shop!

Know His Size Ahead of Time

Your man will have a harder time trying things on if he doesn’t know what size he wears. Sending a man to shop without knowing his own measurements is like sending a delivery driver out without a GPS or map—challenging and not productive! We can’t expect him to know everything, but going in prepared will go a long way.

Have a conversation ahead of time about what styles and fits he likes best for both work and leisure. Remember, comfort is key! We offer a wide array of sizes, including plus and tall men’s clothing so every man can dress for success, no matter his size! Plus, he might even find a nice gift for you too.

Stock Up on Basics

For most men, simplicity and comfort are the keys to choosing clothes. That’s why you can never go wrong with basic essentials. Encourage him to buy simple items that can be easily worn and washed. Versatility is key! He’ll likely get more out of a plain T-shirt than a loud pattern that’s harder to match with. Dressing your man isn’t rocket science. For him, the simplest answer is likely the right fit.

The Easier, the Better!

We know that for a lot of men, it’s important to keep clothing simple. Light and easy clothes will keep him looking and feeling his best. That’s why our men’s easy-care shirt is a great option for everything from normal workdays at the office to dressier special occasions! No iron? No problem! In a variety of sizes and colors, this shirt will become a staple of his day-to-day wear (and one less step for your laundry routine).

Stick With What He Knows

Is your man a creature of habit? Keep him comfortable by staying in his feel-good zone. If he spends most of his time in cotton T-shirts, shopping for leisure apparel makes more sense than dress clothes. Encourage him to buy clothes that he would want to wear on his own! While you want him to look his best, it’s not always practical to prioritize style over wearability. He may look great in a suit, but if he has no occasion to wear it, he won’t! A leopard doesn’t change its spots and your man doesn’t need to change his dress habits. Be realistic with your expectations and keep him shopping in practical departments that emphasize his comfort both physically and mentally.

Keep Him Moving With Activewear

We love to see our men staying active, so supplying them with comfortable gym clothes will help motivate them to work out. A good selection of men’s workout clothes will help him stay active and free to move no matter what his preferences are. Whether he plays ball games, hits the treadmill or other workout machines, or jogs around the neighborhood, comfortable activewear will have him sweating in style.

There are many ways you can help your man shop easier, but the most important thing is to encourage him! Make sure he knows how much you appreciate him looking his best and he’ll feel it too. Practice makes perfect, and with your help, he’ll be a clothes shopping pro in no time at all!


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