How to Make Backyard Camping Feel Like the Real Thing

How to Make Backyard Camping Feel Like the Real Thing

When you want a change of pace, new scenery is key. Spending a lot of time in the same place, especially indoors, can feel stuffy. Getting a dose of nature can set you back on track. If you love the outdoors but can’t make the trip to a campground, your backyard can also become the perfect camping spot. With a little bit of preparation and some helpful camping gear, you can make your backyard camping feel like the real thing. So what do you need to make your upcoming camping experience comfortable and fun? Check out these tips.

Plan According to the Seasons

Be prepared with the essentials so you can stay comfortable in any weather. For instance, a fleece throw can keep you warm and comfortable on cold nights and mornings. You may also want a fire pit that you can sit around and make s’mores. In the summer, plan for humid nights by bringing some battery-powered fans. This will keep the air flowing in your tent.

Sleep in a sleeping bag designed for summer nights or a portable mattress with some lightweight bedsheets to serve as blankets. The material of your sheets can change depending on the season. For instance, hot summers call for airy 100% cotton or linen, while fall and winter camping requires flannel sheets and some toasty comforters. To keep your comforters clean, get some duvet covers that you can easily wash after the camping trip. These will keep dirt and mud away from your comforters and make laundry day easier.

Buy Real Camping Gear

Being just seconds from home can make it tempting to skimp on the right camping gear. After all, why get a gas burner when you can cook in the kitchen? Why get a proper tent when you can go inside in case of rain? Even though these questions are all valid, there's something special that happens when you make an authentic camping experience outdoors. Go and buy a real tent that is made to keep out the rain and wind. Get a set of outdoor chairs and a table for dining and entertaining. Treat your yard with insect foggers and buy bug repellent. Invest in a useful outdoor burner on which you can cook simple meals like scrambled eggs and pork chops.

Taking these essential activities outdoors can transform your experience. When you're out in the real campground, you must use the tools you have. The same principle should be applied to your backyard camping so that you have a truly immersive experience in nature.

Keep Your Tent Tidy with an Organized Entryway

When you camp in a tent, its interior can get messy very quickly. This is why it's important to set up some measures to keep your outdoor living space clean. When you place an old bath mat or doormat in front of your tent’s entryway, you can keep a lot of dirt and bugs away. If you have a cubby for shoes nearby, that can make it even easier to avoid tracking dirt inside. This makeshift mudroom will act as an in-between space between outside and inside your cozy, clean tent.

Snacks and More Snacks

One of the best parts of camping is digging into all the delicious snacks you brought along for the trip. Being out in the fresh air stimulates your appetite because you are spending most of your time being physically active. Setting up your campsite and playing games outdoors can make you feel hungrier than normal. This makes snacking not only fun but a necessity to keep you going throughout your day.

To make sure your camping trip is the most enjoyable, prepare all the snacks that you normally enjoy, but remember to add on traditional camping goodies like beef jerky and s'mores to enrich your experience. Indulge in these tasty treats as you enjoy your home away from home, and your backyard camping trip will be one of the best you’ve ever had.

All these details make a big difference when you plan to stay outside and camp in your backyard. Follow these tips for a fun time and make the most of your outdoor living space.


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