How to Create the Comfiest Living Room for Your Guests

How to Create the Comfiest Living Room for Your Guests

Cozy is not just a style or a feeling. It's a way of life, and there's a way to cozy up the living room to make it the optimal living space. Learn the best tips and tricks on how to create the comfiest living room space for you and your guests.

Cozy Feminine Touches

Get in touch with your feminine side by adding some touches to cozy up your living room. Add a raft of pillar candles or tall vintage candelabras. Hints of green throughout the space channel a garden and help liven up the room. Embrace your inner plant parent. Not only is taking care of plants a meaningful way to give back to nature, but it also brings natural and feminine beauty into your living room. It purifies the air and improves mental health. If you prefer low-maintenance plants, opt for succulents, and if you really want to add the natural look without any watering whatsoever, get a faux plant that you'll just need to dust from time to time.

Get Literary

You don't have to have a Gatsby-esque mansion to enjoy a grand bookshelf. Make it homey and classically elegant. You can sort your books by color or size. If you're going for a clean and minimalist look, turn the spine around so that only the pages face onlookers. As we head further into our digital age, there's something about the touch and feel of physical books that immediately brings both comfort and nostalgia. It doesn't have to be a floor-to-ceiling bookcase to give your living room a literary feel. You can create a cozy reading nook for your guests to enjoy each other's company--and a great book! Think snuggly sofas that cocoon you into comfort.

A Comfy Corner

If you have an open concept living room, you'll want to have a dedicated cozy corner. This may mean a chair with a comfy rug underneath or a bright ottoman. Add natural materials such as teak furniture. From a teak side table to a teak ottoman, this material bodes well both indoors to add a natural sense of warmth and outdoors because of its ability to withstand the natural elements.

A Touch of Sophistication

When adding sophisticated accent pieces or deciding on furniture, go for pieces that look like art yet are actually comfortable to be in your home. Think of curvy armchairs that you can sink into like a cloud. Use linen and wool in your decorative fabrics for a touch of sophistication. Plus, these kinds of materials age well. If you're looking for a way to keep your storage space in one place while adding a sophisticated allure, then use seagrass baskets. These unique baskets are constructed out of sturdy seagrass, an ocean plant that grows in light-rich shallows. Not to mention that it's an easily renewable wood substitute. To keep the seagrass baskets clean, all you need to do is wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

Smooth as Velvet

Not only is velvet stylishly covetable, but it's also incredibly soft. Consider a rose velvet upholstered armchair paired with a fleece throw. Add on a vintage rug, and you have a fun piece that people will take turns sitting on and probably taking photos of.

Something Old, Something New

Have any hand-me-downs from Grandma? It's time to let antique pieces shine. Whether it's inherited gem jewelry on display or a quilt handstitched with love, nothing says cozy quite like something from our family. If any of your children have fun drawings that are hanging on the fridge with a magnet, consider framing them in the living room to have those memories last a lifetime.

International Flair

Take inspiration from other styles like a traditional English living room. If your walls are white, consider painting them blue or adding a blue accent wall for instant bliss. A warm brown throw blanket is ideal for day cuddling or a weekend nap. Channel the hygge lifestyle with neutral palettes and modern furniture.

Make It Yours

Most importantly, you'll want to make your living room uniquely and unequivocally yours. With the self-care industry booming, it's a great time to incorporate elements of self-care into your living room décor. Not only will this elevate your peace of mind, but it'll also enhance the comfort levels of you and your guests. We're talking ultra-soft floral throw pillows. If you really want to make them yours, take the time to get a monogrammed or decorative throw pillows.

These are just a few ways to update your living room. You're sure to find the right home décor to fit your style and needs. When in doubt, don't just consider what's currently trending in home décor. Go for timeless styles that look good, feel good, and can spruce up your living space all at once. With all the time we're spending at home, making your living room cozy and personalized to fit you is a must.

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