How to Make a Hoodie Stylish

How to Make a Hoodie Stylish

All hail the hoodie! This simple, comfortable staple has probably gotten you through some tough times. After all, who hasn’t snuggled up in a hoodie while battling a cold or worn one to the grocery store on an emergency 3AM run? Though hoodies definitely fall into the sweatshirt category (meaning they aren’t appropriate for most offices), these days, they can be very stylish indeed. And worn with the right pieces, they can be the center of a fantastic outfit, so don’t think they’re just for those days when you’re barely hanging on.

Street style chic

A slim-fitting hoodie will show off your curves and has just enough edge to give you that thrown-together look beloved by street style blogs the world over. Wear one with skinny jeans and leather ankle boots. For the finishing touch, slip a vest over your hoodie, like a distressed denim number with frayed edges or something in leather. Add a big bag and some dark lipstick and you’ll look like you stepped off the streets of Brooklyn.

Loving the leather

Layer up when the weather is cool by wearing a plain pull-on hoodie with a motorcycle jacket on top. There’s something slightly unexpected about this sophisticated combo and the contrasting textures are utterly enticing. Just tousle your hair for a rocker vibe and put on some skinny jeans (some with holes in the knees will look amazing) and a pair of pointy-toe boots. For a feminine touch, carry your essentials in a small, girly bag worn over one shoulder.

The perfect pea coat

A warm hoodie and a wool pea coat – what could be better? This is the perfect pairing for days when you’re going to be out in the cold for an extended period, like the big football game or a late autumn hay ride. Simply slip a pea coat over a hoodie and you’re set. Pull the hood over the collar and it will warm your neck like a scarf. All you need are some relaxed boyfriend jeans and your coolest sneakers. You’ll look laidback and unfussy, but still put-together.

Gotta love that jean jacket

You can’t go wrong by wearing a jean jacket over your favorite hoodie, but you’ll need to elevate your outfit to avoid looking like a gas station attendant. Faux leather leggings always look hot and a pair of dramatic black sunglasses give you that celebrity-in-hiding aura. Some serious boots and a sleek bag casually draped over your elbow will complete your ensemble nicely, giving you that elusive “I rolled out of bed like this” vibe.

Ready to sweat

A hoodie is just what you need if you’re embracing the athleisure trend, which turns performance clothing into comfortable everyday apparel. Simply wear a long hoodie that covers your rear with a pair of yoga-inspired leggings and your best sneakers. All-black clothing and white shoes are striking and a little dangerous – just slip a plain baseball cap on your head and you’ll have this style down pat.

Flirt in a skirt

For something unexpected, skip the jeans and wear a hoodie with a skirt. An oversize hoodie, sneakers and a long velvet skirt all come together to make a fashion blog-worthy outfit that feels totally relaxed. You can also try a denim skirt and a hoodie for a casual weekend with friends, or grab a pleated skirt for a cute, collegiate-inspired look that’s made for autumn days in the park. All you need to add is a knit hat and your footwear of choice. A longer hoodie worn with a red or blue mini pencil skirt is gorgeous, too; make sure just a few inches of the skirt peak out so the bright color catches the eye.

For the true fashionista

If you love creating daring outfits, just wear an oversize blazer on top of your hoodie. It’s the look no one saw coming and the refined feel of tailoring and lapels creates a jarring juxtaposition when worn with something so casual. On bottom, you can try some wool trousers, a pair of jeans or whatever you feel like. If you like, wear the hood up so that it causes your hair to perfectly frame your face.


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