How to Layer for Warmth (and Style)

How to Layer for Warmth (and Style)

We all know that the best way to stay warm and stay dry throughout the coldest of the winter months is by piling on layers of clothing. But layering doesn't have to mean hiding yourself (or your style!) under the strata of outerwear. Who says layering to stay warm must be strictly practical? Not all occasions call for a full snowsuit outer layer, so why not layer in a way that shows off your unique style? You can stay warm and dry this winter and you can look good while doing so! Keep reading for tricks and tips on how to layer for both style and warmth.

The Base Layer

The first layer should be something fitted and snug, but soft and cozy. This base layer is the key to keeping your body heat in while allowing the skin to breathe. It should keep you warm without overheating you or causing you to sweat. If you plan on being active, we recommend wearing a microfiber, sweat-wicking base layer to keep you comfortable and dry. For most day-to-day situations, a simple long-sleeved shirt and a pair of thick tights or warm leggings makes for an excellent base layer. If you're in a very cold climate, opt for a base layer of women’s thermals.

The Middle Layer

The middle layers come next, and this is where you get to start having the real fashion fun. This layer should be warm, but not too warm to be worn inside when you shed your outerwear. It should also fit nicely—not so tight that it doesn't fit over your base layer, but not so bulky that you can't wear your outerwear over it. You could throw on a luxe and warm cashmere sweater and tuck that into a wool pencil skirt, as well.

Or, wear a button-up flannel shirt with a warm vest and denim jacket. A button-up collared shirt, paired with your favorite fitted sweater and chino pants over your base layer makes for a simple and professional outfit you can wear to work on even the coldest days of the year. Add a blazer to this highly versatile outfit for an extra layer of warmth and style. Wear a sweater dress with corduroy leggings, thick wool socks and Chelsea boots for a cute and cozy look that seamlessly moves from daytime office to nighttime dinner date.

Keep Layering

It might be important to note that, depending on your plans and the climate you live in, the middle layer won't be just a single layer. This is where you can pile on the warmth and fashion. Wear multiple layers of sweaters that you can easily take on and off as the day progresses. Wear layers of flannels under your sweaters for a country cabin chic look. Wear a warm skirt on top of your skinny jeans for a youthful look that actually keeps you warm. Layer your jeggings! Vests and cardigans make for excellent additions to your middle layer look. Have fun mixing and matching different patterns and textures of fabrics.

The Outerwear

Your outer layer should consist of your warmest items. This layer is your women’s coats layer. This could be your puffiest puffer jacket, your warmest down coat, a sleek wool peacoat, or even a warm shawl or poncho. A leather jacket is an excellent outer layer for protecting against chilly breezes while staying in vogue. This layer is meant to protect you from the elements, so if you live in a very cold and/or wet part of the world, you want to make sure this layer is weatherproof. Staying dry is absolutely essential when it comes to staying warm in the winter. This layer could also include snow pants for this reason. Invest in a good pair of stylish winter boots to keep your feet warm and dry while staying fashionable.

Don't forget the winter accessories! Cute and cozy winter accessories are indispensable for both staying warm and stylish. That means hats, gloves, and scarves. Earmuffs and leg warmers can also be super-cute add-ons to most winter looks that will keep you warm (and stylish!).

Learning to layer your clothing appropriately is not just imperative for staying warm during outside activities, it's also an important skill for winter travel. Create a capsule wardrobe for a weekend trip and keep your bag ultralight by wearing most of your weekend clothing during your flight. Layering is the best way to stay warm and stylish. It's especially vital in situations where you'll be moving from indoors to outdoors frequently.


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