How to Layer Sweaters Over Polo Shirts

How to Layer Sweaters Over Polo Shirts

Recall the classic layered look of polos under sweaters as the trend reappears in your life. Cardigans, sweater vests, pull-over sweaters, and cable-knit sweaters are among the options to wear over your women’s polo shirt. As for the men in your life, a polo can be an underlayer to a quarter-zip sweater, a V-neck sweater, or a crewneck sweater, which is a perfect look for dress-down days at work or a night out. For your kids, the polo underneath a sweater look can be for a school uniform, school events, or a more dressed-up weekend look for those nicer events. Polos as a bottom layer to a variety of sweater options is a look that can be worn by any member of your family. Choosing the right bottom option can make the layered look more casual or dressy, depending on the specific event.

Women’s Pullover Sweaters

The classic sweater and polo combination is the crewneck sweater and polo. Pair a bold color sweater with a more neutral polo or vice versa. A V-neck sweater with a polo with buttons open is a subtle spin on the classic look. Nice addition to this look is that you can always take off the sweater if the weather warms up, perfect for the spring or fall.

Pair this look with a chino skirt, khakis, or black pants for a business casual event or even everyday work attire. For a more casual, look try the layered combo with a pair of jeans. Either way, the polo and sweater combination is an easy way to have a versatile look for any occasion.

Women’s Sweater Vest

A polo underneath a sweater vest is a 90s look that has emerged again. Layering a jewel tone vest with a white polo shirt can make the sweater vest really stand out. Switching up mix and match vest and polo colors can keep the look interesting and different.

Women’s Cardigans

The Modal Cotton Cardigan is perfect for layering. Placing over a polo shirt with the collar popping out of the top with the cardigan sweater buttoned or unbuttoned is a classic, simple, and reliable look for those mornings you are too busy to fumble with what to wear.

Men’s Quarter-Zip

For the men in your life, a men’s polo shirt with a quarter-zip shirt is a go-to look that can blend into any situation. From a more formal dress code for a fancy restaurant to a day with the family, this is a versatile classic look. Pairing different colored polo shirts with the quarter-zip rib sweater or mock sweater in a solid or a print, like stripes, allows for various looks within the same style. A quarter-zip can serve as a great stylish jacket for the golf course or other fall or spring activities to have the option for extra warmth without losing the look and vibe that wearing a polo provides.

Men’s V-Neck

Men’s cotton V-neck sweaters are another great option to layer over a polo shirt. The lower neckline leaves more room to unbutton the polo and have a sophisticated but relaxed look. Pair with jeans or a pair of khakis for more formal occasions.

Kids’ Looks

Polos are often the go-to shirt option for any event that is beyond the casual dress code for younger boys. Pairing that summer boys' polo with a winter sweater instantly brings the warm-weather look into a cooler season. Your daughter may love the girls' cardigan and polo look to have the option to cool down if the occasion also allows for some playtime.

If your kids go to private school, the polo and sweater look may be an everyday staple for their school uniforms. The layered look for kids who do not have a school uniform requirement can be a nice way to dress up for a school concert or picture day. Both boys and girls can pair the look with jeans or chino pants.

The whole family can wear the sweater and polo look across various situations. Whether it be school, the golf course, dinner, a casual party, etc., the look provides a classy vibe for cooler weather. With a wealth of options in sweater styles, the polo shirt under a sweater combination can be repeated without feeling repetitive.


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