How to Layer for Warmth

How to Layer for Warmth

Stay warm this fall and winter by learning to layer. By building an outfit with multiple layers, you can achieve maximum warmth in the coldest conditions. On the other hand, layering is also suitable for days that might start cold then warm up later in the day. If you’re going from frigid outdoor temperatures to a heated office, layered outfits are a must for all-day comfort.

Start With Women’s Thermals

Make women’s long underwear the first layer of your outfit on super-cold days. Thermaskin™ thermals are one option to consider—they’re made from a blend of nylon, wool, and spandex that’s breathable and warm and that moves with you. The fabric wicks away moisture to prevent you from getting too hot, so you’ll stay comfortable whether you’re outdoors or in a heated indoor environment.

Women’s thermals come in sizes to fit every body and styles to suit every outfit. There are long pants, long-sleeved tops, and tank tops. Neck styles include crewneck, scoop neck, and turtleneck. Neutral colors are available, so you can find one that doesn’t show through the fabric of your clothing. For example, if you’re wearing dark clothes, go for black thermals, and if you’re wearing light clothes, choose white or a color that’s close to your skin tone.

Best Jeans for Layering

Women’s jeans are another wardrobe staple that’s easy to layer with other pieces. If you’re wondering what cut of denim is best, both straight-leg and high-rise are options. Both styles provide enough coverage and room for wearing a pair of thermal pants underneath. If skinny jeans are your favorite style, don’t worry. Most thermal pants fit closely enough that you can wear them under your most form-fitting jeans.

What About Leggings and Jeggings?

The same goes for leggings and jeggings—as long as you choose women’s thermal bottoms in a body-hugging style like Thermaskin™, you can easily layer on either of these pant styles without feeling constricted. Leggings come in many colors and prints, plus there are different styles. Fleece-lined styles are cozy for winter, along with pajama leggings you can find in matched sets with long-sleeved pajama tees. Workout leggings are another option; wear these athleisure basics to the gym or while doing housework. Jeggings provide the look of jeans with the comfortable fit of leggings. They’re somewhere between a legging and skinny jeans. You can work jeggings into a layered look, and they’re a good option for wearing with either calf-high boots or boot socks with ankle booties.

Turtlenecks and Flannel Shirts

No matter what kind of bottoms you’re wearing, turtlenecks and flannel shirts can be layered for an on-trend look that’s warm and versatile. When shopping for both of these shirt styles, Consider Supima cotton. It’s grown in the midwestern and western United States and has a long-staple fiber with twice the strength of regular cotton. Start with a Supima cotton turtleneck and top with tucked, buttoned women’s flannel. When it comes to colors, you can opt for a neutral turtleneck with any color flannel or choose a turtleneck in a color that matches the flannel-like red, blue, or purple.

Today’s flannel shirts come in many color schemes. Although there’s certainly nothing wrong with traditional red-plaid flannel, you can also add statement shades like purple and bright blue to your flannel-shirt collection for plenty of fashion options. There are even color-block flannel shirts and those with holiday prints for a festive look.

Pullover Sweaters and Cardigans

Another way to layer turtlenecks is beneath other sweaters. Flannel shirts can also be worn under pullovers and cardigans for a combination that’s stylish and warm. If you’re going for a dressy style, opt for a cashmere turtleneck under a matching cashmere cardigan. If your style is somewhere between casual and formal, wear a buttoned flannel over a cashmere turtleneck and tuck it into dress pants or black jeans.

Long open-front cardigans can be worn over virtually everything, whether you’re wearing jeans and a tee or a maxi dress. You can wear one over a dress skirt and blouse or with any type of tunics and leggings. These knit essentials come in solid colors that go with everything, but you can also sometimes find prints such as on-trend animal print.

Vests and Jackets

A down vest over a cotton turtleneck can be worn with corduroy pants or jeans for an outfit that’s warm and casually elegant. There are also fleece vests in a wide range of colors that you can wear over any type of top. Fleece outerwear comes in lightweight, mid-weight, and heavyweight options to keep you comfortable in almost any weather.

Down coats can be worn over a down vest or fleece vest to complete your winter outfit. There are also long coats made with down-alternative materials—they’re just as warm and lofty except without the feathers. Finish your layered winter outfit with women’s gloves, a hat, scarf, and pair of winter boots.


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