How To Layer for a Spring Picnic

How To Layer for a Spring Picnic

Are you looking for comfortable yet fashionable outfits to wear for an upcoming spring picnic? Sunny days, bright-colored clothing, breezy weather, and picnics in the park are upon us. As we transition from winter into spring, the art of layering beloved wardrobe pieces will keep your style sleek and chic. Combine your favorite winter and warm weather pieces like Bermuda shorts with a cozy sweater, perhaps?) to create an elegant look this spring season.

Wearing Your Best Dress

Wear a dress exuding spring with your favorite florals or colorful patterns. A dress of any length or sleeve style can be paired with a long or short sleeve top underneath it. We love the added contrast of matching a simple solid-colored top with any patterned dress. Solid-colored dresses can also be paired with patterned tops or you can match your favorite spring colors.

Long sleeves will be ideal for cooler weather but even a simple women’s t-shirt can elevate your style when layered under a dress. Do you have a favorite knit sweater that you’re not ready to hang up in the closet yet? Adding it as a layer under or over your dress will give you a cozy look. A more clean look will be a fitted button down under a scoop or v-neck dress, adding some flair to your overall outfit. The best part of a button down is the flexibility to roll the sleeves up for a more casual look.

Staying Warm While Staying Cool

If the weather calls for an extra layer then add a slightly oversized light jacket to keep you comfortable. If you opt for a long sleeve dress then adding a blazer, trench coat, or fitted jacket will be your best option. Layering on top of the dress can accentuate your waist by choosing a jacket with belt or buttons. We especially love the classic and adorable spring picnic outfit—a denim jacket and floral dress combination.

Also, an oversized layer will give you a more relaxed look, but you can dress it up with jewelry. Pair solid spring colors with a statement necklace or earrings. Finish your layered look with a pair of tights or leggings and socks peeking out of a pair of booties. Spring picnics are the best occasion to show off your favorite dresses and wear them in a unique way by layering.

Dressing Up or Down

A shirt and pants outfit can elevate your style for your spring picnic with the right layers. Starting with your favorite top, try adding a vest on top for a laid-back and textured look. Sweater vests are trending so layer them with tops and blouses. Wearing a knit sweater vest to a spring picnic is also a chic, comfortable choice. Perhaps your style is more delicate and a cardigan is a better fit for you. Knit cardigans are essential pieces for your wardrobe because they come back every season. This lightweight layer can be worn over any top or blouse. A solid-colored top, knit cardigan , and reliable jeans will give you a clean look that incorporates different textures. A flannel button down beneath a cardigan is a stylish and cozy go-to look for the spring. Another way to layer different textiles is by pairing your favorite knit sweaters and cardigans with different bottoms. For example, you could wear it with your trousers or silk skirts to show your more eclectic taste. This could be a fun way to match different spring colors into your spring picnic outfit.

Our favorite cozy sweaters can be layered with a turtle-neck or mock neck underneath. These tops are found in a variety of sleeve lengths in case you want to keep your layers light. Turtle-necks and mock neck styles can also be found in a bodysuit option which will be great for layering. A patterned layer beneath a solid sweater can add dimension to your look. Have fun pairing different colors and textures together when you’re creating a layered outfit. Maybe you’ll be surprised by the numerous combinations that you can make using the clothes you already have. A button down or a collared shirt under the sweater will create a more sophisticated look. This layered style can be dressed casually with a pair of jeans. Or for a more feminine look, you can opt for a long or mid-length skirt. If you’re attending a lavish picnic, a layered mock neck, colorful sweater, and matching trousers will make an ornate look.

With the right layers and the right accessories, you can stay comfortable in almost any outdoor setting and look stylish while doing it. Layer up and grab your picnic basket. It's time to get out there and enjoy that spring weather.


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