Laundry Room Organization Ideas and Tips for Everyone

Laundry Room Organization Ideas and Tips for Everyone

Laundry rooms are like the conveyor belt room of the house: in goes the dirty, out comes the clean. Well, at least that’s how it happens in an ideal world. To keep this cleaning machine working efficiently, it’s good to have a few elements to make sure your laundry room stays organized and orderly. Especially if you have kids, it is all too easy for the laundry space to become heaping piles of clothes, towels, sheets, and who knows what else. This, of course, makes getting everything washed and dried in a timely manner almost impossible. Take the time to bring in a few good laundry room organization ideas to keep your home working as it should.

Designated Hampers

Say hello to hampers and goodbye to piles on the floor! Designated laundry hampers are key to a well functioning laundry room. Get the piles off the floor and counters and get them into the hampers. Laundry hampers ensure that all your clothes get organized for proper washing or pre-treatment. A laundry accident can be devastating, especially if it happens to be a rogue red sock among your summer whites. Prevent these sort of accidents by sorting laundry as it comes into the laundry room. We recommend hampers for whites, darks, delicates, bed sheets, and towels, and stained items that need special treatment. Go the extra mile by either labeling the hampers or color-coding them so you and your family don’t get confused.

Baskets and Bins 

The laundry room doesn’t only get messy with clothes and linens, but also with all the bottles of stain remover, detergents, softeners, irons, clothespins, and more. Minimize laundry room clutter by organizing your laundry equipment into wire baskets, canvas storage bins, and even mason jars. Get a few storage bins, baskets, and jars for your laundry room to help organize potential clutter. Leave your laundry detergent within reach of your washing machine, and keep all other cleansers and pre-treatment solutions organized and tucked away in their designated baskets. Just like those piles of linens and clothes, you don’t need bottles upon bottles of detergents and cleaners messing up the look of your laundry room. Store clothespins and other small items in mason jars and tuck them away in cabinets or drawers to be used only as needed.

Drying Racks and Bars

Drying racks are a great way to keep your laundry room orderly and organized.  After all, drying clean laundry can be just as disorderly as when it’s waiting to be washed. Clean up the clutter by investing in some great drying racks and bars. Clothing racks can either be freestanding or hung from ceilings and walls. Whichever type you choose, you will want to establish a system that accommodates all kinds of clothes that need air drying. Hang a bar across the ceiling to dry shirts and other items on hangers. Find a rack to dry items that need to be dried flat. For more compact spaces, many laundry room designs are floating around the internet that feature great drying racks and bars that fit into the smallest of spaces.


Shelves are important for keeping everything organized in your laundry room. No need for anything fancy here. Pop into any home supply store and pick up some basic adjustable shelving to tuck into the corners of your laundry room for extra storage. Not only is shelving in your laundry room great for keeping neat your detergents, cleaners, stain removers, ironing gear, and everything else, but shelving is a great place to store clean laundry, too. Fold clean sheets and bath towels, and keep them on a shelf until they are ready to be put away. It is all too easy to let clean laundry end up on the floor again, so be sure to use shelving to keep the clean separate from the to-be-cleaned. There are many different styles of shelving that will work in a laundry room. If you have the space for cabinets or a hutch, those are great options for storing cleaning products. Otherwise, install hanging shelving, adjustable shelving, or wire rack shelves to keep everything organized most efficiently. 

Having an organized laundry room is a game-changer. You will save time and space easily by implementing some of these great laundry room tips to keep your clothes and other items organized. You will no longer dread entering the laundry room and seeing all those piles of clothing and towels. Organizing has never been so easy when you try some of these simple laundry room organization systems!


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