How to Keep the Kids Entertained During Winter Break

How to Keep the Kids Entertained During Winter Break

Make sure the kids stay busy and have fun during winter break with these ideas. Although the best activities for your kids depend on their age ranges and interests, you can use the following as inspiration to get you started:

Plan a Staycation

A staycation is much like a vacation, only better because there aren’t any travel hassles. Staycations recreate the vacay atmosphere at home, which is something the whole family can enjoy. Plus, there are plenty of theme ideas to take your winter family staycation to the next level.

Create a camping theme with kids’ sleeping bags in the living room. Serve typical camping-trip treats, such as hot dogs, hamburgers and s’mores—all of which you can prepare in your home kitchen. For an even more authentic experience, put a campfire screensaver on your TV and tell stories instead of watching movies or shows.

Watch Holiday Movies

Get dressed in matching family pajamas and settle in during winter break for one or more movie nights. You might select a feature film every evening so each family member can choose their favorite. Provide pillows, cozy throw blankets, popcorn and drinks to recreate the atmosphere of a movie theater you might visit when on vacation.

There are all kinds of holiday movies and even TV shows from which to choose, so you can find ample diversity. Introduce kids to the classics you grew up with, then enjoy some of their favorite picks. The whole family can vote on holiday movies and enjoy a discussion period with refreshments afterwards.

Play Family Games

Whether your family loves word games like Scrabble or prefers Candyland or Chutes and Ladders, there are plenty of board game possibilities. There are board games for all age ranges, so you can find something that almost everyone can enjoy.

If your crew is more high-tech, have a video game tournament. Some games are fun and educational, so do some screening before choosing what to play. Multiplayer games allow family members to take turns and create a ladder where the winner goes on to keep playing, until a tournament victor is declared. Cozy adults’ and kids’ slippers and plenty of refreshments are a must-have for the event, and you might even want to hand out small prizes to the winners.

Visit a Local Attraction

Winter break is a great time to explore local attractions you haven’t had time to visit or haven’t visited in a while. Suit up in adults’ and kids’ puffer jackets and winter boots for a local adventure to a museum or historic site.

Of course, family outings don’t always have to be educational during winter break. Hit the ski slopes or go tubing with your kids for an invigorating seasonal experience. There may be an ice skating rink near you or a venue to take in a hockey game or other winter sport. Or you can visit the local mall and explore the shops. Ask your family if there’s anywhere they’d like to go and create an itinerary that suits each person.

Play in the Backyard

With kids’, men’s, and women’s thermals, the whole family can stay warm enough under your every day outfit and winter coat to enjoy outdoor fun. If there’s snow on the ground, build snow people or try your hand at constructing a snow fort. In the evening, sit around the fire pit with hot cocoa. No matter what your favorite outdoor winter activity is, make sure to stay warm and keep the kids warm and protected in adults’ and kids’ scarves, hats, gloves, and other winter accessories.

Give Them Rewarding Assignments

Winter break should be fun, but that doesn’t mean kids can’t help around the house. Stock seagrass baskets with kid-safe cleaning supplies and create a chore chart, complete with stickers to mark achievements. Outfit your kids in boys’ and girls’ jeans and leggings with comfy Supima cotton tee or opt for a kids’ hoodie and sweatpants for housekeeping duties.

You might decide to offer rewards at the end of the winter break period for successfully completed tasks. To make things fun, offer a points system where kids can redeem earned points for prizes or cash. This could be a practice that’s strictly for seasonal staycations or one that you modify for all year.

Be Flexible with Downtime

Planned activities during winter break are a great way to keep kids entertained. However, it’s also important to allow for ample downtime so the family can enjoy separate activities. Kids might use the time to catch up on their favorite novel series or hone their gaming skills.

Use these ideas to keep your kids occupied during winter break or modify them to fit your family’s needs. The best activities for your kids depend on their age and lifestyle, along with your local area, its climate and the attractions nearby.


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