How to Infuse Artwork Into Your Home Decorations This Fall and Winter

How to Infuse Artwork into Your Home Decorations This Fall and Winter

Having art on the walls is part of what makes a house a home. Maybe you've just moved into a new house, maybe you're renovating, or maybe you just want "something different," but changing up the artwork is a great way to pull a room together and give a space a feeling of unity—not to mention a touch of beauty! Artwork is also a great way to bring a little of the outside season into your home decor, especially when the colder seasons roll around. Everything in your area may seem gloomy and dying, so use your artwork to showcase the beauty of these seasons, or they can get your guests' minds off them entirely! Here is how you can infuse artwork into your home decorations this fall and winter.

Location, Location, Location

One of the biggest questions is where to put a piece of art. Try walking through the rooms of your house. Stop in each doorway and think about where your eye falls. That would be a great place for a piece of art! Sit in each of the chairs you have set up in a room or lay on the beds. What part of the wall does your eye look at while you are sitting (or lying) where you are? That might be a great place to put something up! Another strategy is to consider where you want the eye to look instead of where it looks naturally. Beautiful art captures the attention so put it in a place you want people to focus. Once you've marked out these areas inside your house, you can see what you have that might fit that space—or figure out what you need to pull it together.

Continuous Frames

A great eye-catching art style is to have a picture split into different framed pieces. It makes a harmonious whole since all the pieces are parts of the same picture, but the breaks give the eye something interesting to look at. Consider breaking a winter snowscape or a shot of the Northern lights up into three pieces you place side by side on the wall. Perhaps you want to have a little more fall in your house. Take a picture of a lake with trees covered in autumn leaves leaning over and looking at themselves in the water of a lake with a leaf newly fallen rippling the water. Make this scene into different-sized pieces, like a tall one to capture the tree in the foreground and a smaller one to frame the fallen leaf, and place them around each other so it looks like little windows peeking out into your fall scene. If you wanted to take another tack, take winter branches, line them up, then cut them perpendicular to their lengths two times. Frame each portion of your branches so it looks like a winter tree growing up your wall. Cool, right?

Frame Some Nature

Speaking of bringing a little of the outside in, why not choose some pressed or dried flowers to frame? A collage of pressed leaves of different shapes and colors would be an amazing nod to autumn. Winter flowers like pansies or daffodils or snowdrops could be cute pressed in a frame as well. If you know how to dry a full flower bouquet (or know someone who knows how), that would make an amazing up-cycled piece for your walls. Put on a men's or women's wool coat and some men's or women's boots, take a walk around outside and see what strikes your fancy that you could use to decorate your home and bring a little of the season inside.

Boost Your Theme

Another way to get art on your walls is to get a set of art that all works together—and works with your house! For example, if you have a brick interior and you're going for an industrial modern style, hang a collection of black and white pictures to complement the theme you're working on. If you have a gorgeous chandelier hanging in the dining room and ornate chairs around the table, consider a set of flower paintings in colors from the room's palette. You could also put up one large art piece of a single rose blooming in winter to serve as the backdrop for your next dinner.

Patterns, Everywhere

Another interesting idea is to frame different patterns and prints and put those up. Make them all the same color to keep the focus on the patterns themselves or shake up the colors if you feel the visual needs some pizzazz. Pictures of patterns work, especially in fall or winter colors, or you could even frame pieces of fabric with prints and colors that call to you and bring the seasons to life. See how you can showcase your style this fall and winter!

Now that you have some ideas for putting up artwork in your house and what might make for some gorgeous art on the walls, find out what works best for your home.


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