How to Incorporate Farmhouse Decor into Your Home

How to Incorporate Farmhouse Décor into Your Home

Farmhouse décor is a Pinterest and interior designer favorite, and for good reason. It's sensible and airy yet lived in, down-to-earth, and, more than anything, definitely here to stay. When you hear farmhouse, you'll think of an iconic American image of rolling hills with, you guessed it, a farmhouse at the forefront. While that image certainly speaks to the roots of this aesthetic, the idea of farmhouse décor is all about striking that balance between refined and rugged. If your home is in need of a refresh, consider updating it with touches of farmhouse décor. Read on for farmhouse-fabulous inspiration and easy upgrades you can make to every room in your house.

Farmhouse Dreaming

One easy and oh-so-cozy way to add a farmhouse touch to your bedroom is with new sheets. Materials that fit this aesthetic should be light and airy, yet inviting, such as linen sheet sets. If you're ready to make bigger changes and are perhaps looking for a new bed frame, keep in mind that the farmhouse balance is all about breezy materials paired with sturdy, distressed furnishings.

Linen sheets would pair perfectly with a bed frame made of solid wood with a rustic finish, or, better yet, with a headboard that boasts live edges. No matter what your bed frame and headboard may look like, the right set of linen sheets will add that farmhouse touch. Opt for earthy shades of green, light gray, or cream to stay in theme.

Show Your Throw

Throw blankets are a comfy farmhouse décor essential. The idea of the farmhouse aesthetic is to create spaces that are the right balance of lived-in and aesthetically pleasing, which is why we love a good throw to spruce up any room. For the bedroom, fold a throw at the foot of your bed in a color that complements your new linen look. You'll want the tones to contrast enough so that both the sheets and the throw stand out but stay within the farmhouse color palette. Think neutral tones of sage, light gray, cream, eggshell, and true white.

Depending on the color of your sheets, you could also opt for a light blue throw. The right throw blanket will bring your living room one step closer to farmhouse perfection. For throw blankets for the couch, you'll want to keep both the farmhouse color palette and a juxtaposition of materials in mind. Look for throws that have unique textures and elements, like tufts or chunky box stitching.

Just as throw blankets are a farmhouse essential, this décor style wouldn't be complete without ample throw pillows. Farmhouse décor works so well because it strikes that perfect balance of form and function. While throw pillows can earn style points, especially if you opt for farmhouse-friendly tones and materials, they can also make any space feel warm and inviting. Add throw pillows with mixed textures and neutral tones to your living room couch, bed, or any other lounge chairs you have in your home.

Stylish Storage

Open shelving concepts in any room will help you achieve that farmhouse fantasy. Swapping out old armoirs or chests of drawers for open shelving or reclaimed wood bookshelves can transform a cluttered room into an airy space, while also serving as a way to display books, photos in frames made from natural materials, and clear vases holding dried flower bouquets in neutral, earthy tones. With these decorative tips in mind, you're well on your way to farmhouse fame.

Of course, it wouldn't be true farmhouse décor without touching on the functional side of storage options. With a focus on rustic and earthy materials, opt for swapping out plastic storage bins for seagrass baskets. These are perfect additions to your new open shelving setups because they can store items such as toys or extra blankets while still maintaining that uncluttered feel. Seagrass is a great material when considering the farmhouse vibe, but you can also go with storage bins in woven materials or wicker. Just remember to stick with earthy, neutral tones that balance the room and capture a down-to-earth yet stylish atmosphere.

With just a few décor upgrades and additions, you can easily bring farmhouse décor into any room of your house. Since we predict that this trend is here to stay, don't hesitate to start transforming your space, one earth-toned touch at a time!

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