How To Add Boho Glam to Your Spring or Summer Wardrobe

How To Add Boho Glam to Your Spring and Summer Wardrobe

Warmer weather brings a sense of freshness to the world. It’s time to give those heavy sweaters a break and embrace a lighter feel. One way to get an endless summer feel is to add a touch of boho glam to your spring and summer wardrobe. This style features an upscale take on the classic hippie vibe, and it’s perfect for anyone looking to ease into the warmer months with grace and ease.

What Is Boho-Glam Style?

Most people immediately link boho style to the 1960s counterculture movement. But it was actually born much earlier—on the 18th-century streets of Paris, during a time of similar cultural upheaval. Artists, musicians, writers, and other creative Parisians struggled to make a living, so their clothing options were often limited to used pieces they could repair by hand. Young people brought this same ingenuity and creativity to their clothing in the ‘60s, adding long hair and a gender-fluid vibe.

Today’s boho-glam fashions elevate the look with more refined silhouettes and a timeless nod to the classics. Luxe fabrics like suede, chiffon, and lace keep an upscale feel in relaxed, oversized designs.

Who Can Wear Boho-Glam Fashions?

Anyone can rock the boho-glam style. There is no age limit to flattering layers that feel as good as they look. We’ve got tips for choosing dresses, jeans, women’s tops, and more that bring an elevated yet relaxed touch to the office, a dinner party, a sorority event, a date night, or an afternoon of running errands.

Pieces That Bring Enduring Boho Glam to Your Wardrobe

Boho-glam fashion can enhance your existing wardrobe without overwhelming it. As you do your annual spring closet cleanout, consider adding one or more of these staples in a boho-inspired color or design. This style is eclectic, so go for vibrant colors that feel fresh but work with other pieces, like orange, turquoise, and nearly any shade of green. Limit patterns to a few key pieces, like a midi dress, then maximize with accessories.

Here’s How To Pick Knockout Boho-Glam Pieces

Jeans—Women’s jeans can make or break any outfit. The OG standard for boho style was the iconic bell bottom, often embellished with embroidery or colorful patches. The more modern version of this leans on women’s bootcut jeans for a universally flattering look. Pair them with an edgy graphic tee or sweet peasant blouse on top, then add sandals, clogs, or cowboy boots.

Dresses—There is nothing more boho glam than a flowing, flowery dress. Whether you prefer a maxi hemline sweeping over sandals, a midi length with a modest heel, or a flirty mini with motorcycle boots, women’s dresses of all types can breathe breezy new life into your wardrobe. Opt for a floral print to make a big boho-glam statement. Or choose a solid color dress in a flowy A-line silhouette that works with a blazer at the office—then boho-glam it up afterward with a long fringed vest, chunky jewelry, and strappy sandals.

Tops—Here’s where your boho chic wardrobe gets super versatile! So many women’s tops can fit into a range of styles, depending on the other pieces you pair them with. Take our fave shirts and blouses from the Blake Shelton Collection. Toss a classic denim shirt over a sequined tee, jeggings, and high-heeled boots for a boho-glam date night. Wear it buttoned with a pencil skirt and pumps for a put-together office look. From gauzy peasant blouses to cotton tank tops to menswear-inspired women’s Oxford shirts, go crazy partnering your staples in unexpected ways to find your unique boho-glam style.

Shoes—Boho glam came of age amid the Summer of Love. That means women’s sandals are the main focus of this style’s footwear. Whether you like the barely-there feel of flip-flops, the security of a closed-toe sandal, or the strappy look of gladiator styles, sandals are a must for your boho-glam wardrobe. Choices that keep a boho-chic vibe in cooler temps include women’s clogs, brightly colored women’s wedges, and tall or short women’s boots.

Accessories—Finish your breezy boho-glam look with women’s hats, scarves, and jewelry in funky, chunky, free-wheeling designs. A floppy sunhat over supersized sunglasses captures the boho-chic look, as does a group of long and lean necklaces or a wrist full of beautiful bangles. We love shawls, wraps, and scarves for women of any age rocking a boho-glam outfit, especially if they’ve got metallic or iridescent fibers woven into an intricate, bohemian pattern.

Going Boho Glam With a Modern Attitude

The original Bohemian style was all about being frugal and expressing creativity. Bring your boho-glam style into the 21st century by choosing a few pieces to mix into your existing wardrobe. Opt for classic designs in flattering colors, then sneak in a couple of daring prints or bold hues to wake up your routine. So long as you keep the attitude chill, the lines flowy, and the vibe artsy, you’ll rock the boho-glam look all summer long.


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