How to Incorporate a Plain Tee Into Your Work Outfits

How to Incorporate a Plain Tee Into Your Work Outfits

Work outfits have come a long way for women and men alike, but maybe even more for women. There are simply more ways for women to mix and match their outfits and play around with different shoe styles, accessories, and jewelry, which can really transform an outfit. All this mixing and matching makes it easy to sneak in a little casual attire into the outfit as well, even if those items are simple, comfy T-shirts. After all, T-shirts have come a long way too. Many shirts labeled as tees are oftentimes crisp looking, form-fitting, regular shirts that double as a basic tee, making it not so basic after all. If you have been wanting to throw on a comfortable T-shirt when getting dressed for work in the morning, stop making excuses. There are lots of ways to incorporate a plain T-shirt into your work outfits.

With a Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts have been wardrobe essentials for professional women for decades. There’s no other type of skirt that does just what a pencil skirt can do — hug the body in a way that makes women look professional and stylish. You don’t have to wear a proper button-down blouse and jacket with a pencil skirt to make it look professional either. A basic T-shirt can also look great, and is also sometimes even more stylish. In settings where you don’t need to look too professional, pairing a pencil skirt with a basic tee can even look more realistic, since it doesn’t appear as if you’re trying too hard. Consider tucking your plain tee into a pencil skirt that comes to about the knee area. This look is great when paired with some ankle boots.

Tucked Into Some Chinos or Trousers

Women’s chino pants are the typical business-casual pants for women and men. They’re not too casual, but not too business-like either. That doesn’t mean you can’t take care of business in them though. If your workplace has a business casual dress code, chinos are great additions to your wardrobe and look great with a plain T-shirt tucked in with a belt. If chinos aren’t your style, there are plenty of trousers that look great with plain T-shirts, even if they’re more formal. Consider a navy pair of trousers with a white T-shirt or a black pair of trousers with basically any color T-shirt. Tie a scarf around your neck or add some jewelry to make it look extra dressed up and professional.

Under a Cardigan

Especially in fall and winter, a women’s cardigan sweater can be inviting since you can pull it on for a little taste of comfort during a busy workday. Business casual attire is perfect for the cardigan and T-shirt combo, but you can also find a way to make it look quite professional providing you choose the right type of cardigan. For example, a chunky, oversized cardigan may be comfy, but it can look a bit sloppy when compared to tighter-fitting cardigans with a zipper or button-down front. As such, your T-shirt should be fitted as well, since it is hard to stuff a relaxed T-shirt under a snug-fitting sweater, and it won’t look very polished. Nonetheless, a crew neck T-shirt will work best if you’re going to button or zip up a cardigan over it.

Paired With a Blazer

A little more formal than a cardigan is a women’s blazer. The current trend is cropped blazers, where the length is on the shorter side, reaching to about the hip area. This makes them more comfortable for sitting since you don’t have to worry about wrinkles. However, it also means you have to be conscious about tucking in your T-shirt. You don’t want it hanging out underneath the blazer. It should only show from the neckline to the first button if you have it buttoned up. Unbuttoned, it should also be tucked into your bottoms, and it should also be ironed so wrinkles aren’t showing. Finding a T-shirt that is wrinkle resistant will help with this. Additionally, look for a T-shirt that matches the style of the blazer. A blazer will look good with a V-neck tee, while a round-neck blazer will look good with a crew-neck tee.

With Jeans

For casual Fridays or even everyday business casual attire, wearing jeans is a normal occurrence for lots of people heading into the office. Plus, there are no other bottoms that go as well with a plain tee as jeans do. But not just any jeans will do when it comes to the workplace. They shouldn’t be too distressed or have holes in them. Women’s black jeans tend to look more professional than light blue jeans, almost passing as regular trousers at times.

By learning how to incorporate a plain tee into your work wardrobe, you’re proving that you don’t have to be stiff and uncomfortable to look professional.

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