How to Host the Best Beach BBQ

How to Host the Best Beach BBQ

Make the most of summer with a beach BBQ. In this article, you’ll find tips to help you plan a fun, memorable BBQ on the beach that may just become a summer tradition. Here are seven steps to take when putting together one of these events:

Pick the Right Spot and Date

The right location and date are both crucial aspects when it comes to hosting a successful beach BBQ. You want to throw your party on a day when the weather’s nice, so consult an extended forecast or almanac before setting the date. When it comes to choosing a spot, you want a beach that’s a convenient commute for guests but not too crowded. Make sure the beach allows grills and open flames before planning the event. Some beaches have areas you can reserve for these events, complete with picnic tables and gazebos for sitting in the shade.

Invite Your Guests

Send your invitations at least a week or two when planning a beach BBQ, and request RSVPs, so you know how much food and drink to buy. You can invite people through online messaging and create a social media group for the event. That way, your guests can easily RSVP, and you can remind everyone of the event a few days prior. A social media group for your BBQ is also good for asking questions about food sensitivities and preferences, which brings us to our next step—planning the menu.

Put Together the Menu

When planning the menu for a beach BBQ, keep things simple. You can opt for vegetarian or traditional burgers and hot dogs, but if you want something different, consider grilled seafood and veggies. As previously mentioned, you can ask your invitees about any dietary restrictions they might have ahead of time, so you don’t serve anything that might trigger allergies or exclude anyone from the festivities.

If you choose to have alcohol at your BBQ, make sure it’s allowed on the beach and provide a non-alcoholic beverage choice for guests who don’t partake. You’ll also want to bring plenty of water to keep everyone hydrated. Soft drinks are a popular BBQ drink choice, but you may not want all that sugar. One alternative is flavored sparkling water, which comes in many flavors from various brands.

Plan the Activities

Keep your guests engaged by planning fun activities for your BBQ. For example, you could set up a beach volleyball game or have a sandcastle-building contest. Frisbee is another popular beach activity, or you can set up a beanbag toss game and split your guests into teams. Swimming is another popular beach BBQ activity many of your guests may want to participate in. Bring along a spare bottle or two of sunblock for attendees who forget to bring their own; spare beach towels are good to have, too.

Ask for Help

Putting together even a simple BBQ can be a daunting task. Don’t handle the load all by yourself—ask your friends and family if anyone would like to help. You can also ask your guests to bring something and delegate different items to different people, so there aren’t duplicates. For example, one guest could sign up to bring cups while another could bring plates. You could even encourage guests to bring side dishes, desserts, or snacks, such as bags of chips and pretzels, that won’t spoil in the sun if left out.

Dress for the Occasion

One way to ensure you have a good time at your BBQ is to dress appropriately for the event. A tugless tank one-piece swimsuit is an option to consider; the fabric stays in place, so you don’t have to make adjustments after swimming. Tankini tops with your preferred style of bottoms—such as swim shorts or a swim skirt—are another stylish swimwear choice. Make sure you have a beach cover-up to protect against UV rays when you get out of the water. Cover-up dresses are always trendy and come in maxi and midi styles. Or you can layer a rash guard hoodie over your bathing suit with shorts or a rash guard skirt.

Pack Your Beach Bag

Another way to ensure you can relax and enjoy your guests is to bring all the essentials. Along with extra towels and sunblock, make sure you have sunglasses and water shoes. A portable charger for your smartphone is another good thing to pack in your tote. You might even want to bring along a shade umbrella if there aren’t enough shady spots at your BBQ location, although it won’t fit in a beach bag tote unless it’s a super-compact folding style.

Plan ahead for your beach BBQ so it goes off without a hitch. The most important thing is to enjoy the time spent with your loved ones and have fun.


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