How to Host an Epic Christmas Sweater Party

How to Host an Epic Christmas Sweater Party

Here comes the hoopla: you’re hosting a Christmas sweater party. Begin the search for the family’s Reindeer Punch (it’s likely scrawled on the back of an index card somewhere in the cookbook cabinet), find those candy cane cookie cutters, and start flipping through holiday music to bring that playlist to perfection. If you’re in a pickle planning out the epic part of the party, we have a few Christmas sweater party ideas to give it that extra oomph.

First Things First: Your Christmas Sweater

As a host, you need your Christmas sweater to shine like Rudolph’s nose. Lands’ End has plenty of options to choose from for a range of occasions. Want your Christmas sweater to introduce the holidays like a jingle bell? Think about a cozy poncho in fleece or cashmere. Looking for a sweater that will provide comfort, warmth, and a reliable look all winter long? There’s no way you can go wrong with a cashmere cardigan. Make it easier on yourself by turning your cardigan into a twinset by adding a short-sleeved cashmere sweater. These two styles will have you singing for the rest of the season. And remember – there’s no greater gift than one you give yourself.

DIY Santa Sweater Station

We’ve all been in that position when we show up to a themed party without wearing the suggested attire. For those who show up without a Christmas sweater, have a makeshift DIY sweater station. Christmas bells, ribbons, felt stickers, and a bit of tinsel. That way when there’s a group photo with all the Christmas cardigans, sweaters, and DIY Christmas sweaters everybody can join in. Set up a wish list station next to it too so everybody can send in their gift ideas to Santa.

For the Kids

Kids get infamously bored of adults talking together in groups, so to avoid the inevitable “Moooooooom” and “Daaaaaaaaad” moans, build up a kiddy corner with coloring books and a bowl of popcorn. A great game idea for the kiddy corner is the classic “pin the tail on the reindeer.” They’ll be excited to show off their kids’ Christmas sweaters too so make sure they get involved with the next activity:

Christmas Sweater Competition

Once everybody has arrived you can make a toast, thanking everybody for showing up in their eclectic mix of sweaters. Have each person show off their Christmas sweater and have all the partygoers vote on their favorite one. You can make it fun with a strobe light, a catwalk, and loud bumping music, but that’s if you’re really trying to impress. The winner gets to go first in the dinner line.

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