How To Host a Summer Baby Shower

How To Host a Summer Baby Shower

Whether you are the mama-to-be and putting together your own celebration or you are a family member or friend offering to help out, a baby shower is a very special event. There is a lot of planning and setting up. And even during the event, there might be small things you have to manage. Here are some tips for hosting a baby shower and some specific recommendations for holding one during the summer.

Pick a Date Early

Summer can be a time of travel and family. Kids are out of school, and work schedules are a little more flexible. Since the timing of the pregnancy means the baby shower will take place during the summer season, you should pick your date early. Make sure you let people know as soon as possible so your shower can be a priority in their schedules.

Share Responsibilities

Even though you are the host, that doesn't mean you shouldn't ask for help, especially if you are the one carrying around new life. Family and friends are celebrating with you. It means they care. Those who love you would love to be able to support you. So, let them take some responsibilities off your plate and give them the chance to be included.

Find a Beautiful Location

Often baby showers are held at the house of the host. Not all houses are ideal for parties, though, especially if the guest list is long, so you may need to consider an alternative location. Luckily, the summer season generally has fantastic weather and is an excellent time for outdoor events. A local park can be a beautiful place for a baby shower. The natural surroundings and the sunshine could make the perfect setting for the beautiful memories you will be making. Just make sure the outdoor furniture is comfortable! If you live in a desert environment and the heat makes outdoor events untenable, consider holding the shower at a nice air-conditioned restaurant. This choice helps you on many levels since décor and food basically take care of themselves.

Choose a Fun Theme

An easy way to organize a party and direct your decisions is to choose a theme. There are some adorable summer themes to choose from, too! You could throw a "Baby-Q" with barbecue sandwiches and bibs. Or you could have a bee-themed party for the mama-to-bee with sunflowers and desserts with honey. You could even have a pool theme with blow-up flamingoes and beach towels for everyone. Having a theme in mind makes decisions on colors, décor, and food a little easier. So come up with something that makes you excited to put it together and that you know will give your guests a fun experience.


Once you have your theme, you can start decorating! Bring in some plants and greenery for a little life and color. Use bouquets or fabric flowers and balloons to create a more festive atmosphere. Make or buy a fun sign for the new mama to sit under or to tell people where to put their baby gifts. Play music that contributes to the mood. Have a great time creating a beautiful setting for a beautiful event.

Choose Good Food

Food is a wonderful way to celebrate something special, and during your two- or three-hour party, people will probably get a little hungry! Great food ideas can come from your theme, or you can just set out a few favorite snacks of the guest of honor. Check to make sure your food choices are in line with the new mama's preferences, then double-check that you have some alternatives for anyone who might have dietary restrictions. Remember, mocktails might need to be front and center for this party, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be delicious!

Take Care of Mama

If you are the host, throwing a good party is important. But what's even more important is that the person of honor is enjoying the event. If the mama is not feeling well or is having some issue, that is definitely the priority. If you are the mama, this still applies! Few can have a good time if they know the person they are there to celebrate is running themselves ragged. That is why delegating is so crucial. If suddenly something goes wrong or it's too hot, or the new mama needs something, having a few extra hands to help may make the difference between good memories and insane amounts of stress. A key part of hosting is making sure you can manage curveballs and keep the guest of honor smiling.

Each of these ideas is meant to contribute to a wonderful celebration. Use them to make your event less stressful and more joyful as you welcome a new life into the world.



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