How to Hold a Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Fresh Ways to Decorate Your Home for the Holidays This YearHow to Hold a Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts take us back to those carefree days of childhood. No bills, no jobs, just fun! Think of hunting down clues in the backyard, overturning rocks, and looking under plants for that next discovery. They made you feel free and adventurous, like pirates from your favorite kids’ movie.

An expertly laid scavenger hunt takes advantage of the environment around the participants. Even if you’re in different parts of the country, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained and involved. Think about what shared places everyone has in their home and how to connect the clues between them. From bathroom cabinets to pantries to the bedroom closet, everyone’s got similar nooks and crannies in their home. Read on for some tips on how to set up and deliver this season’s best scavenger hunt.


The best kind of scavenger hunt is one where you can tag team with your friends to make the best experience for the kids. Think about what sort of theme you want to develop—is it a spooky Halloween hunt? Or maybe a winter wonderland? Or something for the 12 Days of Christmas? Get together with your friends who want to get on the fun. Decide on communal locations in each of your homes to place the clues: under the kitchen sink, the pantry behind the cereal, the top of the toilet tank, under your favorite couch pillow, next to the family’s tallest house plant. Even under the doormat. Any place there is a hiding spot is worth a look.

You can write out clues that correspond to the theme and hiding places and share them with everyone who’s in on the hunt. The best part of this pre-prep part of the hunt? You can put on your fave comfy sweats while you dream up cute and clever clues. No need to be anything but comfy-cozy while you let your creativity shine.

Plant the Clues

Great places for clues are spaces like the laundry hamper and canvas storage bins in the laundry room but also the bedroom, living room—or even sneak some into your kids’ rooms. Sometimes right under their noses is the best spot. You can even coordinate the same storage bins between all your friends by gifting them a pair for the holidays. Get them personalized for each of your friends for a holiday they’ll never forget.

If you’re going for a Christmas theme, each clue can coordinate with the names of Santa’s reindeer. Dasher’s clue might be hiding next to the salt and pepper, while Dancer’s might be slipped into your daughter’s ballerina shoes. Comet’s could be stashed in one of the kid’s recent out space projects and Cupid’s in a bag of candy.

Get the Party Started

Get all your friends together over a video call, and let the hunt begin. Since you don’t have to lift a finger at this point, why not wrap yourself in one of our throw blankets. Why not make yours red since you’re the Santa of this operation, making sure every kid gets just what they want most. The CashTouch herringbone with fringe is one of the best. Relax on the couch. Get your favorite drinks and snacks. Watch the kids get amped with excitement.

Release the first clue and let the kiddos run around the house while you and your gals catch up. Grab the dog bed, so your pup can get in on the action. Pick one up in a classic plaid for that traditional Christmas vibe. Maybe even leave the last clue under the bed’s cushion and when your kids come looking, put a red nose on the pup’s snout, so Rudolph is the winning discovery.

Don’t Forget the Adults

Sneak in some treats for your fellow conspirators! The last couple of clues can include instructions for the kids to help refill your snacks or grab your coziest pair of slippers. Maybe even sneak in some chores like refilling the dog’s water bowl or taking out the recycling. When you make it a game, kids are more than willing to help you out. Or perhaps the last clue is just to give Mom a big hug. Sometimes it’s the little things that mean the most.

A great way to thank your friends for helping you out is to send them each a pair of holiday slippers. Consider a pair of moose slippers for your friend who loves the outdoors. Perhaps gift gingerbread ones to your friend whose cinnamon buns are so delicious she could compete on baking shows. The dog and cat pair would be perfect for your pal, who is a friend to all animals. Treat yourself to Christmas present-themed ones because you’re the greatest gift-giver of them all. With matching slippers, the virtual holiday scavenger hunt is a tradition you can repeat year after year.

A scavenger hunt is such a great activity at any time of year. But hosting one during the holidays gives it that extra touch of winter magic. Especially with so many friends and family connecting from afar, a scavenger hunt keeps people of all ages engaged in good, wholesome fun.

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