How to Help Your Parents Set Up the Perfect Valentine's Day Date This Year

How to Help Your Parents Set Up the Perfect Valentine's Day Date This Year

Valentine's Day is the day to deliberately prioritize the special person in your life. Everyone knows life can get busy, so it's nice to have Valentine's Day to make us slow down and intentionally appreciate the person who means the most to us. We're all looking for new ideas that will surprise and inspire our lovers with new affection. Sometimes brainstorming on your own is enough. After all, you know your special someone best. But sometimes, a few extra ideas from someone who is well acquainted with you both of you can be helpful.

As children, you know your parents pretty well. Plus, you probably have a better understanding of what is available to make Valentine's Day special than your parents do. Here are some ways you can contribute to the perfect Valentine's Day date for the two people who made you who you are today.

You Are the Investigator

One of your parents is trying to organize... something, and the other parent knows it. You, on the other hand, are an apparently-unrelated third party, an innocent bystander, a casual observer. There is no reason to think you may be involved.

This is your opportunity! In the days leading up to Valentine's Day, take an opportunity, no more than once a visit, to create a spontaneous conversation. Maybe pull up beach skirts to see if a beach trip brightens the eye. Or, show a quick Youtube video about local antique car shows and check if your parent is politely attentive or actively engaged. Direct the chat to feel out areas of passion, to gauge interest in this activity or that, and to see if there's something your parent would love to do if the opportunity presented itself. Make sure to have several of these little impromptu discussions so you can continue to maintain your "cover."

Plan Around an Activity or Event

Hopefully your spy work has borne fruit and you've found a particular interest to direct your search for an appropriate activity or event for the evening. If you're really lucky, you'll know exactly what you should set up or buy tickets for. Often though, it's best if you use your resources and look for something that aligns with your parents' interests that they haven't thought of doing.

For example, if puzzles or strategy games are passions, consider an Escape Room experience with a locked door, a timer, and secret clues hidden in the room that must be solved to unlock the door. If art is preferred, maybe a wine and art night where your parents can make their own masterpieces guided by expert direction, or a chance to meet an accomplished musician they admire. If the beach is their romantic destination, find a quiet new cove or cool tide pools for them to explore. Maybe make sure they wear water shoes so they don't slip. Anyway, the idea is to look for something that allows your parents to experience their interests in new ways.

Try a Different Mode of Transportation

After the you've chosen the activity or event, the next thing is how to get there. There are many options , but the idea is to try a different mode of travel from what your parents normally do. Maybe a luxurious limousine ride will add just the right touch to the evening. Or a convertible sports car experience would be just what they need to spice things up. The place your parents are going may even be able to be reached by ferry. Ferries can get cold, though, so if you go with this option, remember beach cover-ups and towels to ward off the chill. If none of these ideas are feasible, you can always offer to chauffeur them yourself and pick them up later.

Seek Out the Latest and Greatest Eating Experiences

Everyone has their food preferences. Some people salivate at the thought of Greek food. Others smell Mexican food and are transported into a beautiful nostalgic memory. Often a special meal in a preferred cuisine is rare since the food can take a long time to make or cost a lot. Your resources can address at least one of these concerns. Finding a new place with good reviews that your parents probably haven't tried is just a click away. Find and reserve a beautiful eating experience to complete your parents' dream Valentine's Day date.

You have your mission. Good luck.


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