How to Have a Successful Staycation

How to Have a Successful Staycation

Most of us can agree that the day-to-day can feel like a lot sometimes. Between work, school, or whatever obligations we have on our plates, it’s oh-so-essential to give ourselves a break sometimes. And nothing quite beats having a vacation on the agenda since we all deserve to be sitting poolside with an umbrella drink in hand right about now! That said, with pricey flights, schedule limitations, and other logistical considerations, it’s simply not always possible to jet set to a faraway destination. And that is exactly where the staycation comes in.

Staycations can be a great way to enjoy the benefits of a vacation, but without having to stress about airport lines, big expenses, or taking a ton of time off from work or other commitments. Just like a traditional vacation, though, having a successful staycation takes both planning and preparation—and in the case of a staycation, you’ll also want to add a dash of creativity. Read on for some tips for having your best staycation yet.

Plan on Unplugging

Just as you would on a tropical getaway, plan on unplugging during your staycation. Taking a break from your phone or laptop can be a great way to unwind and break up your routine. Of course, you might still need your phone for certain essential apps or in case of any emergencies but plan on being as unreachable as possible.

This might look like setting up your out-of-office responder if you work from home but are taking a day or two off, or if your entire staycation will be over the weekend, perhaps you’ll want to give your friends or extended family a heads up about your plan.

During the staycation itself, make sure to find certain times when you can leave your phone in the other room, and try to only use your laptop for ordering tasty meals, playing some relaxing tunes, or looking up movie trailers for the movie marathon you have planned.

Clean Your Space in Advance

Right before your staycation, everyone in the house should spend some time getting the space ready. After all, it’ll be hard to enjoy the “stay” part of your staycation if things are feeling messy or cluttered, and you don’t want to accidentally spend your staycation cleaning or organizing.

Tackle any surface-level cleaning that you normally would, and then take a moment to consider certain details that’ll make your home feel extra inviting and comfy. For example, make sure the beds all have fresh bedding and that there are plush, clean towels and hand towels in the bathrooms.

You might also want to declutter any surfaces in your kitchen and tackle any other little projects that you’ve been putting off before your staycation, so you can have a stress-free feeling in your space during the actual event!

Plan Fun Nearby Day Trips

While it is important to get your space in tip-top shape, a staycation doesn’t mean that you can’t leave your house. Use this an opportunity to plan fun day trips and find local adventures or nearby places to explore that you haven’t spent much time in yet.

If you live within driving distance to the beach or a lakefront, pack your beach tote bags with the essentials you’ll need for the day and hit the road. You can also find a cute restaurant to stop at on the way for lunch or make a pit stop at a local market to stock up on goodies for a picnic.

Or, if there are some nearby hiking trails you’ve been wanting to check out, a staycation is a great opportunity to do so! Make sure your backpacks are full of the essentials you’ll need for an adventure, and look up the details of the hike in advance so you can time it all accordingly with other activities you have planned.

Carve Out Time to Relax

Having intentional downtime during your staycation is just as important as the day trips or activities you have planned. Of course, we all have our own ways we relax and de-stress, but one fun option is setting up an at-home spa day.

Play some spa music from a speaker or your phone in the bathroom, light some scented candles, and take a long bath. Make sure your most luxurious women's robe is nearby and after your bath, kick back in your robe while you do a clay face mask or get cozy in your favorite chair while you read the next chapter of a book.

If your staycation is more family-oriented, don’t fret. Kiddos also love at-home spa treatments, and you can get them involved with kid-friendly activities like a pamper party, complete with cucumber eye masks, their very own plush kids' robes, and maybe even a nail-painting station.

We hope that reading this list has left you feeling inspired to plan your next great staycation! By following these tips and tricks, we’re sure it’ll be a complete success—and trust us, you deserve it all.


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