How to have a PRIDE-ful Summer Wedding

How to have a PRIDE-ful Summer Wedding

Are you planning a pride-ful wedding this summer? Congratulations! Let’s look at some fun ways to celebrate your big day and show your pride.

Pronoun Pins

Pronoun pins are a fun and easy way to make your guests feel more welcome. When your guests arrive, have the ushers or designated “pronoun people” handy with baskets of pronoun pins in fun colors and different combinations like he/him, she/her, and they/them. You can find pronoun pins available online in all kinds of fun combinations and colors. Make sure to order them early so you will have them on your big day.

Another fun way to celebrate your day is with personalized gifts for the wedding party. Whether you share them at the wedding rehearsal the day before the wedding or have them available at the reception afterward, let your family and friends who will be part of the wedding know how much you appreciate their support.

Colorful Flowers

Wedding flowers can be all about the rainbow, too! This is your day, after all, so talk about what flowers would be fun with your fiancé and go all out if you would like to do so. Sedate choices for wedding flowers often include a white bouquet for the bride(s) and a simple boutonniere or bouquet in white or a color that coordinates with the wedding. But who needs to be sedate? Flowers come in all colors, and a good florist should be able to help you choose fabulous flowers for your wedding. Whether you opt for a special occasion dress, suit, pantsuit, or another great outfit for your special day, flowers will make your ensemble extra special.

If you love the look of flowers, but the price tag gets a bit hefty (every bouquet and boutonniere add up), consider silk flowers instead. They look lovely, will last as souvenirs for years to come, and are more economical.

Colorful Balloons

Balloons can be fun at both weddings and receptions! Sure, you could go for white or silver, but rainbow balloons can express joy and pride at the same time. They look great with men’s suits for photos, too!

Be sure to have all helium balloons set up for delivery on the day of the wedding just a few hours in advance. You’ll want them to be plump and festive for the occasion. It’s a great idea to have a reliable friend or family member be in charge of the balloon set up, even if you have a balloon delivery service helping you out. Be sure to discuss in advance where the balloons will go. You’ll want them to be festive but not get in the way of any walkways or exits. Whether you have venue staff to take care of it or a family or friend, make sure that someone removes the balloons afterward. They can be fun for guests to take home as the evening winds down, too.

Cake Toppers

Cake toppers are a great opportunity to express your pride. Back in the day, cake toppers were usually a plastic bride and groom in simple black and white clothing. In addition to proudly displaying two grooms or two brides, why not mix it up with rainbow colors or sparkly “Mr. and Mr.” or “Mrs. and Mrs.” signs? A “permanent cake topper” that can be used as a decoration in your home can be a fun surprise wedding gift for your new spouse.

This is your wedding cake, so the cake and the cake topper should express your personalities and tastes. Prefer something more formal? Go for white frosting and three tiers. Something more festive? Perhaps rainbow frosting or rainbow cake colors inside. Cupcakes with mini toppers can also be fun!

Photo Booth Fun

What is a wedding reception without some fun photos? If you want to go super casual, make sure to let your guests know they can wear their pride clothing instead of traditional suits, dresses, and pantsuits. If you prefer to keep the wedding vibe more chill, this can be fun for a bachelor or bachelorette party or a post-wedding rehearsal get-together. Rainbow hats, sunglasses, and signs can all be fun. Not to mention glitter! If you opt for glitter, just make sure it is allowed in the venue (it can take weeks to completely remove—lol).

Smoke Bombs and Sparklers, Oh My!

Before you head out with your travel bags (/shop/bags-travel/S-xfd-xec) for the honeymoon, get ready for a big sendoff! For a prideful send-off, skip the rice, birdseed, and bubbles, and go for some pizzazz. Rainbow smoke bombs and sparklers can be great fun and are sure to give you a sendoff that everyone will remember. Just be sure that local ordinances will allow for this and put a couple of people who are 100% sober in charge of fire safety. You want the fun without any accidents.

Congratulations again! Enjoy a fabulous pride-ful wedding!


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