How to Have a Fire Pit Party at the Beach

How to Have a Fire Pit Party at the Beach

One of the best ways to enjoy the summer season is with a fire pit party at the beach. We’ve put together some helpful tips for planning one of these parties, along with outfit ideas that are as stylish as they are comfortable.

Check the Regulations First

Before deciding on your beach fire pit party locale, make sure fires are permitted. Some beaches allow campfires and bonfires, while others don’t. There may be certain rules that must be followed, and you definitely want to know these things ahead of time. Your local Parks and Recreation Department should have plenty of information about the area’s beaches and what’s allowed, so visit the website or call the office to inquire. Have measures in place to properly extinguish your fire after the party’s over, and bring trash bags to keep the area free from litter.

Send Informal Invites

Once you’ve decided where you want to have your fire pit party, decide on when. It’s customary to host bonfires after dark, although the festivities can begin while the sun’s still up. Give your guests a week or more’s notice if possible so they can pencil your party into their schedule, and request RSVPs so you know how many refreshments to bring. You don’t have to mail formal invitations; an email, text invite, or phone call is fine. Another idea is to use social media to announce the event and send reminders, plus people can mark whether or not they’re attending right on the event post.

Dress for the Occasion

After the formalities are out of the way, it’s time for the fun part—planning your outfit. Show up to your beach fire pit party in an outfit that’s versatile, on-trend, and comfortable for the occasion. You can even bring a change of clothes in a beach tote, so you can swim during the day and then change into a dry outfit for celebrating by the fire after dark.

If you do plan to swim, there are plenty of swimsuits options from which to choose. One-piece swimsuits come in many colors and prints and are available in chlorine-resistant fabrics. Or you can opt for a tankini for greater fashion versatility. There are many styles of tankini tops, such as high-neck, scoop-neck, and V-neck styles. You can mix and match solid colors and prints for a coordinated look or choose a tankini top and bottom in the same color for an on-trend monochromatic swimsuit.

A rash guard cover-up is a must for any beach event. For max coverage, slip on a rash guard hoodie and shorts over your swimsuit. Or you can wear a cover-up dress with SPF 50+ sun protection, depending on your preferred look and fit. If you aren’t swimming or want to change outfits, pack a cotton tank top and lightweight cardigan with knee-length shorts for a bonfire-worthy outfit that’s casual and comfortable. Women’s cotton shirts and sweaters are good for cool summer evenings, as they’re light and easy to layer.

If you want to wear a dress to your fire pit party, consider a midi dress in a lightweight cotton jersey knit. Maxi dresses for women are another breezy option for beach parties, especially if you opt for a sleeveless style in a summery color or print. The beach can get chilly after dark—even by a fire—so consider bringing a light shawl or sweater.

Water shoes are good to wear when swimming or walking along the beach. After dark, you can slip on some canvas boat shoes or sandals in your preferred style. Heeled wedge sandals complement everything from summer dresses to capri pants and summer tops. No matter which type of summer shoes you decide, make sure they’re water-resistant and have a cushioned footbed and support for comfort while walking on the sand.

Pack Your Beach Bag

You’ll have a better time at your fire pit party if you come prepared. Beach bags can be loaded with towels, extra clothes, sunscreen, and any other beach essentials you want to bring. You’ll also want to stock some coolers with food and drink. BPA-free water bottles are a must-have, but you can also pack fruit juices and sparkling water beverages for variety. If you’re bringing hot dogs and burgers—traditional or veggie—store them in a separate cooler from your drinks and snacks. You might also want to bring campfire cooking tools, such as skewers, for toasting marshmallows. Sparklers and glow wands are a fun addition to a beachside bonfire, especially if kids are attending the event.

Now that you know more about planning a fire pit party on the beach, it’s time to plan your own. Take care of as much in advance as you can so that on the day of the party, you’re free to relax and enjoy the event.


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