How To Have a Glamping Trip This Summer

How To Have a Glamping Trip This Summer

Glamping is the ultimate comfortable outdoor experience. It allows you to connect with nature while still holding onto some of our creature comforts. You can escape the city or suburban life while staying connected to its amenities and luxuries, like comfortable bedding and fleece throws. Glamping is a fantastic opportunity to get into the great outdoors without worrying about comfort and ease.

What Is Glamping?

The word “glamping” is a portmanteau of the words glamorous and camping. Think luxury accommodation meets camping world. An activity normally regarded as rustic, minimalist, and, yes, usually a bit dirty, can now be enjoyed by even the most high maintenance among us. Glamping is becoming more and more popular in recent years, with glamping campsites, or glampsites, popping up everywhere.

You can choose your own adventure as well—glampsites can be large tents in the middle of the woods, yurts in the middle of the desert, rustic cabins near a hot spring, RVs right on the beach, houseboats floating on a placid river, teepees in the plains, or even treehouses. They're also usually highly Instagrammable, contributing to their glam aspect.

What really sets glamping apart from regular camping are the accommodations. Glampsites are usually privately owned and self-contained. Each site is unique, but you can generally expect that the shelter, whether it is a tent or a yurt, is already set up and ready for you. Unlike backpacking or traditional camping where you bring your own tent and set it up, at glampsites your accommodations are already provided for you, complete with a comfy, off-the-ground bed.

What Do I Need to Bring?

The main attraction of glamping is having a permanent or semi-permanent place to stay and a bed to sleep. Many glampsites provide bedding and pillows for you, but you may want to be prepared to bring your bedsheets in case they do not, or you want that extra home comfort. Some glamping sites even provide electricity with a mini-fridge, a fan, or working lights you can enjoy. Remember to check these details before your trip so you know exactly what to bring.

Microfiber, quick-dry towels are always a good idea to bring on any camping trip. You may even want to bring your beach towels depending on where you have booked your glampsite. Even if the glampsite offers electric hook-ups or lights, bringing your lantern and/or flashlights for those late-night bathroom trips is also a good idea.

Depending on your glamping location, you will also of course want to bring plenty of food, water, and a small First Aid kit—you may be glamming it up in the wilderness but don’t forget you may still be in the great outdoors. Of course, don't forget the glamour part of glamping: bring a cooler of champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and the goods for your best outdoor charcuterie board.

What Do I Wear?

As with any outdoor trip, layers are always the smartest choice. Even in the summer months, it is better to wear too much and have to strip some layers off than to miss what you need. Even though many glamping sites have some truly luxurious accommodations such as hot running water and comfortable furniture, you are most likely not going to have central heat or air conditioning. Wear a simple tank top or camisole as a base and layer with a t-shirt or button-up. You will want to bring options such as a light, airy linen shirt for lounging in the warm summer daytime. Pair your breezy linen shirt with some athletic shorts and hiking boots for an adventure-ready outfit that will keep you cool.

Even in the balmy summer months, nighttime temperatures can still be quite cool in most areas. For nighttime lounging and star-gazing, bring along a hoodie or flannel. Have different clothing layering options for sleeping in as well, especially if you are not someone who usually sleeps outside. It may be much warmer or much cooler than you are expecting. Wear a light comfortable tank and comfy shorts or briefs to sleep in, and bring some warm flannel pajamas that you can layer on top in case the temperature dips. Moisture-wicking materials such as bamboo are highly recommended for this type of outdoor summer activity.

Now that you know what to expect, go grab your sunhat and your packable champagne flutes. It’s time for your Summer Glamping Trip.


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