How to Get Your Customers to Attend Your Hybrid Holiday Party

How to Get Your Customers to Attend Your Hybrid Holiday Party

How to Get Your Customers to Attend Your Hybrid Holiday Party

The holidays are right around the corner. Of course, every organization wants to throw a fun and memorable holiday party. With so many things changing in the business landscape over the past year and a half, one of the things companies will have to learn how to do is how to throw a hybrid holiday party.

A hybrid party is when some of the attendees are there in person, and some are attending the party virtually from a different location. It’s a new situation that many organizations are finding themselves in because they have remote employees in their workforce now.

Gift Exchange

An age-old holiday tradition is doing a gift exchange. Most people are familiar with this idea and enjoy participating in it. It is recommended to set a small budget and communicate that to all your staff members so that everyone is on the same page. Ask all participants to mail their wrapped gifts to the customers’ homes. These virtual staff members can open the gifts during the gift exchange on screen via a virtual application such as Zoom or Google Meet. The in-person customers can extend their presents in the office in front of their colleagues. To build company pride, it is recommended to gift all the employees items, such as uniform shirts or embroidered polo shirts that everyone can wear during the holiday party. These customers can turn into walking billboards for the company by wearing company-issued apparel like this.

Send the Party to the Team

Send your customers a nice bottle of wine or liquor directly to their homes to make them feel more a part of the team and its celebrations. It would also be a nice gesture to send them holiday trinkets or decorations to use in their homes. These don’t have to be overly expensive gifts; most people will appreciate the thoughtfulness. To keep things simple with the in-person folks, have food catered from a local restaurant that is sure to please the majority of your team members’ tastes. Gift cards to local restaurants can be mailed out a couple of days before the party directly to your remote employees as well. This way, they can have food ordered and delivered so that these folks can eat while everyone else is physically eating at the party. Thoughtfulness like this can go a long way toward strengthening your company’s relationships with its customers.

Employee Talent Show

Allow your customers to showcase their talents by hosting a talent show they can participate in. The team members can learn unique things about their customers by doing something like this, which builds camaraderie. Another fun thing to do would be to offer the customers a prize for whoever wins the talent show, such as a branded face mask or a corporate mask. Employees can use these things they learn about the organization’s customers and build deeper rapport with them. These types of activities can help cultivate long-lasting relationships, which can turn into genuine fruitful partnerships.

Host a Virtual Class

Hosting a virtual class where the customers can learn about mixology or cook a particular meal can be fun to educate them on something interesting. It could even be a crafts or painting session if more of the employees would enjoy that. You can have the team fill out a survey to pick the option they would enjoy and go with that one. The drinks can be enjoyed during the party while everyone is mingling with one another. This is something that remote employees can tune in for as well. This will also empower them to feel included and part of the team. Virtual classes are becoming more common these days, as more significant portions of workforces are virtual.

Game Night

A game night can be incorporated into the hybrid holiday party for all employees to participate in. It could be trivia, charades, a board game, or a plethora of other options that can be used. These types of games can encourage teamwork and communication, which can strengthen bonds among customers and employees. The winning team member or team can be gifted a small prize. Games can be holiday-themed to fit the holiday spirit. One of the several benefits of doing a game night during the holidays is that many options can be done. A simple form filled out by the team members will give the leadership team a clear picture of what types of games the customers would enjoy participating in the most.

End on a High Note

Every organization wants to throw a fantastic holiday party that their customers attend. There are simply different challenges that present themselves when the party is in a hybrid style. However, it doesn’t have to be a stressful situation. By following the above simple strategies, any company can feel confident that their hybrid holiday party will be a tremendous success.