How to get the most of afternoons at home

How to get the most of afternoons at home

Thanks to comfy clothes and sun protection tees, afternoon has become your favorite time of day. Why not devote those treasured hours between lunch and supper to staycationing? There are so many great ways to pass the time. If you are still not quite sure where to start, here are a few suggestions to help.

How to grill out.

As soon as we see the first signs of spring, all we want to do is throw on a sun smart shirt and grill out until the snow flies. There’s no time like the present to try your hand at those time consuming barbeque recipes you’ve been craving all winter long. You know, the ones you’ve been waiting to taste test because they literally take all day to prepare correctly. Getting reacquainted with your grill is a highly rewarding way to spend your time outside. After all, the end result is great tasting food you can be proud of as well as all of the health and wellness benefits that go along with soaking up a little sun. This afternoon, why not kick your grill game up a notch by setting up a theme for your backyard barbeque. Carolinian, Hawaiian, Lexington, Cajun, Texan, New England, Alabaman, Philly, Kansan...all great options. Go all out. Research the region to create a vibe complete with side dishes that emulate the unique flavor of the locale.There’s no better way to complement your main dish and try recipes you might not normally explore.

How to turn the backyard into a waterpark.

As soon as the weather gets warm we want to dust off our swimsuits and make the most of each day. One fun idea is to create your own backyard waterpark. You may not be able to build a multistory super slide, but you could create the coolest slip and slide this side of the Mississippi. What a fun way to cool off on hot days. Add to the fun by setting two water obstacle courses up next to one another and racing your family members to the finish line. Just remember to block out the sun’s harmful rays by wearing a UPF50 shirt.

How to throw a fun pool party.

Family, food, refreshments, your swimsuit cover up and a pool are the only ingredients needed for an ultra-fab pool party. Whether you are lounging next to your heated saltwater oasis or rediscovering your youth in a plastic kiddie pool, keep in mind pool parties are more about the memories than the pool itself. You have what it takes to cook up the perfect recipe for a truly good time. Pool parties don’t always have to be lavish and complicated.

How to dine outside.

Every meal doesn’t have to be a party. The simplicity of a meal enjoyed in a cotton tshirt on the comfort of a blanket outside is perhaps the most tranquil way to add some much needed peace to your day. However, low key doesn’t have to mean less fun. Your knit pants and a pillow or two set the tone. While in your backyard or on your patio you can eat lunch surrounded by the sounds and sights of your neighborhood. You can add a special twist of nostalgia by sipping homemade lemonade or sun tea as you dine in the sunshine. Don’t forget to bring along a book to celebrate the occasion.

How to complete DIY projects.

Afternoon staycations were practically designed for dreaming of, planning for, and attempting to complete DIY projects. Now that you have a bit of time on your hands, you can focus on the things you have been putting off. While there’s surely no shortage of fun projects filling your imagination, it may be wise to search online or in books to find the steps required to turn your daydreams into accomplishments. For those with slightly less desire to pull the power tools out of the shed, gardening is a highly rewarding hobby that can be performed successfully in your elastic waist pants and a cozy sweatshirt.


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