How to Find the Home of Your Dreams

How to Find the Home of Your Dreams

On tonight's episode of "Home Seekers," we follow Sam and Evie on their hunt for a four-bedroom, three and a half bath home on a half-acre of land located close to downtown with a less than 5 minute commute to work.

Sam: "I refinish toothpicks." Evie: "I sell little packets of flowers I collect in the yard."

Together: "Our budget is 1.5 million."

Sam prefers a Colonial style home. Especially if it has a mantel from which he can dangle his Lands' End needlepoint Christmas stockings. He's looking for a place to raise their children, once they have a family.

Evie is looking for a ranch style home with an open concept floor plan. She also wants a master suite with an en suite bathroom where she can display her monogrammed bath towels that coordinate so well with her monogrammed bedding.

Rose, their realtor, is a family friend who will do her best to help them find the home of their dreams. But she's hoping they both realize they will each have to compromise on some things, given their price range and wish list.

The first house is a Craftsman style home with four bedrooms, 2 and a half baths. It has a list price of 1.2 million, so it's in their budget. It's within walking distance of downtown, which Sam and Evie love. Savvy viewers recognize that since the house is full of furniture – there's a bed complete with a beautiful duvet cover – this will not be the house they choose.

The second house is a ranch style home with no furniture in it, which is usually a pretty good clue that this is the house Sam and Evie will choose. It has only 2 bedrooms, but it does have 6 bathrooms, a car lift in the garage and a yard that can barely hold a swing set. There's plenty of room to add a bedroom in the attic, so they'll "consider this one, even though it's a 75 minute commute to work and the list price is over our budget at 1.75 million."

The third house is on the outskirts of town and is completely carpeted with bath rugs. It has only one window on the front of the house, but a huge two-acre yard with raspberry bushes they could harvest and sell for extra cash. Listed for $1.98, it leaves plenty of room in their budget for remodeling. But wait – there's furniture inside this one, too. And we all know what that means.

Which will they choose? Will it be house #1 with the great mantel? House #2 that needs work and is practically in the next county? Or house #3 with the great yard?

<Commercial break: Lands’ End monogrammed blankets>

As you've all guessed by now, Sam and Evie choose house #2.

Three months later: Rose was a great negotiator, so Sam and Evie were able to get the house for $50,000, well under asking price. Since they moved in, they've torn it down and built a completely new house with all the features and upgrades they were after.

You can watch the transformation when we repurpose existing video and retitle it "Home Seekers Renovation!"

Next up on LETV - Stay tuned for Real Estate Twins: Purchasing and Transacting.

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