How to Find the Best Comfy Jeans for You

How to Find the Best Comfy Jeans for You

When you need to look put together at any time of the day, jeans instantly spruce up your look. The right style, fit, and rise can help you also spend the whole day in comfort. Although finding a good pair of women’s jeans is often a difficult task — a Herculean effort of sorts —it doesn’t have to be that way. When you keep a few key needs in mind, you can find comfortable, flattering jeans that make you feel the most confident and stylish. Here’s how to find the best comfy jeans for you!

1. Choose Your Rise

Jeans come in different rises that each fit differently on your body. In women’s sizes, there is typically a choice between low, mid, and high rise jeans. Over the past years, different rises have come into style and gained popularity in waves, but no matter what is on-trend, you will look sharp wearing the rise that suits your body the best. On average, high-rise jeans are a popular choice because they accentuate the natural waist and have a secure fit above the belly button at about an 11- to 12-inch rise. Typically, people find mid- to high-rise jeans more comfortable than low-rise because of their flattering and secure fit.

Mid-rise jeans range between seven to 11 inches; these jeans often sit right below the belly button. It’s a popular middle-of-the-road choice that offers a secure fit without going too high or low. Low-rise jeans fall a few inches below the belly button. When you buy this type, make sure they fit snugly, as they don’t rest around the smaller part of your waist.

The type of rise you choose determines what tops you wear as well. High rise jeans look good with short or crop top shirts while long shirts complement low-rise jeans. Everyone has a personal preference for what feels the most comfortable or flattering on their figure. To diversify your style, try out different types of rises and tops to discover what combinations gives you the most confidence.

Do Your Jeans Match Your Existing Wardrobe?

You can get great peace of mind when you feel prepared. When you integrate new jeans into your closet, you can make the most out of them when they match items you already have. For example, a cute pair of black high-rise jeans looks stunning with a women's white blouse or your comfiest T-shirt. When you can bring it into your closet and match it with many existing items, you can enjoy years of flattering style. Dress your jeans up for a date or wear them at home with a cozy fleece hoodie — the choice is yours! Knowing you have the jeans to wear with anything you own will help you feel comfortably stylish any day of the week.

Get Jeans Made With High-Quality Materials

A comfortable pair of jeans is made of cozy yet strong denim. Preferably, these jeans are pre-shrunk, so they are sized as you would expect. Stretch jeans that have spandex integrated into the fabric offer more softness and body-hugging comfort. This allows the jeans to form close to your body and respond to your movements. When the jeans fit well, they feel the most comfortable. You may need to explore to find the right size. It’s also helpful to have an accessory like a button extender or belt to adjust your pants to fluctuating waistlines during the year. By washing your jeans properly and re-shrinking them when needed, you can get years of excellent fit and support out of your jeans.

Decide Your Fit

Skinny jeans, slim fit, relaxed, or boyfriend? There are many types of fits to complement different body shapes and fashion preferences. Skinny jeans can be comfortable because of their stretch material, while relaxed jeans offer modesty and freedom of movement because the material isn’t too tight. Every person has their unique comfort preferences, so try on different fits to see how you feel and look in each type. You’ll be surprised to find what you like and what you can add to your style choices. For example, crop jeans are extra cool for the spring and summer, which can help you feel cozy even as the temperatures rise. On the other hand, a stretchy pair of slim fit jeans look sharp with womens polo shirts or a summer T-shirt.

Comfortable jeans are right at your fingertips. Select your size and try some new fits, colors, and rises today.

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