How to Find a Comfortable Pair of Jeans

How to find a comfortable pair of women's jeans

If you have a pair of comfortable, flattering jeans in your closet, you're probably terrified by the thought that they'll wear out and you'll be unable to replace them. Thankfully, finding a new pair you love just as much isn't hard. There are so many styles and options to choose from when it comes to modern denim that you're sure to discover something that does the trick.

What about stretchy jeans?

For jeans that hug your curves and feel like a second skin, look for a pair with stretch. This usually takes the form of spandex, which also goes by the names elastane and Lycra. It gives jeans that smooth, stretchy feel you adore and it's very popular with skinny jeans. Take this style to the max with a pair of leggings-style jeans that simply slip on. Without a bulky zipper and waistband, they look incredibly smooth under your tops and tees.

Where have pockets gone?

There's something missing when it comes to women's pants – pockets! If you want pockets though, make sure the ones in the jeans you like are big enough to serve a purpose. Sometimes, they're so shallow that you can barely fit a pair of keys inside of them. Lands' End makes sure to put roomy pockets on jeans so you can find a pair that feels amazing and has room for all the little things you need to make it through the day.

Can I move around comfortably?

Have you ever spent a day trapped in stiff, unyielding jeans? Most Lands' End jeans have a touch of stretch, so they move with you, not against you. And we've added a no-gap waistband to some of our most popular styles. It won't give the world a peek at your backside when you bend over and crouch down, so you can look after the kids and do all the things you need to do without worrying about indecent exposure.

What size is best for me?

When you're hunting for new jeans, don't try on every pair hanging on the rack. Look for some in the size category you need, and the search will be much easier. Petite jeans are designed for small builds, while plus-size pairs accommodate curvy shapes with ease. If you've been blessed with long legs, try women's jeans made especially for tall bodies instead of getting stuck with some that don't even cover your ankles.

Show 'em a little love

No matter what type of jeans you buy, make sure to care for them properly if you want them to last. If they're black or deep blue, use a laundry detergent made especially to prevent fading. You can let your jeans air dry to avoid the wear and tear caused by drying, and always wash them on the cool water cycle.


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