How to Enjoy Going to the Pool in the Skin You’re In

How to Enjoy Going to the Pool in the Skin You’re In

Unfortunately, as a society, there is a lot of pressure put on people (especially women) to look a certain way. This pressure trickles down to all aspects of life, whether you’re thinking about how you look in a picture on social media, your hair on a video call for work, or how you look when slipping on your bathing suit for a day at the pool. It can be hard to feel confident at all times, especially when you’re legitimately less covered than normal. And, on top of that, wearing a spandex, skin-showing swimsuit.

But, there are ways to feel comfortable when going for a dip or spending an afternoon in the sun. Here’s how to feel comfortable in your skin when going to the pool this summer.

If You Feel Too Exposed, Cover Up!

There is no shame in adding some extra layers of clothing or swimwear to keep yourself feeling confident when you’re at the pool — women do not have to wear bikinis when spending time in the sun. There are many other swim-ready styles out there.

If you feel too exposed at the pool, wear one of your beach coverups over your suit or go for a waterproof rash guard (which can go with you into the pool!). You can also opt for swimsuit styles like a swim dress, which offers more coverage, or a classic one-piece swimsuit that is just as full-coverage as it's easy to move around in.

There are many full-coverage swim styles that can be worn in the pool or when lounging in the sun. You can easily find a more modest style that helps you feel confident when going to the pool. There is no definitive rule regarding what kind of swimsuit works best at the pool. In the end, pick a style that you feel comfortable in and flatters your unique body type. Don’t give in to trends if they don’t make you feel good—instead, go for a high-coverage swimsuit or coverup that you’ll be excited to put on for your next pool day.

Wear Your Swimsuit Around The House

After spending most of our days in women’s workout leggings, loose-fitting sweatshirts, or draped tunics, it can feel very unnerving to put on a piece of clothing that exposes most of our body. Once you find a swimsuit or coverup that you want to wear to the pool, try wearing it around the house for a few hours. This way, you’ll get used to the fit and will understand the best ways to sit or stand in order to stay comfortable. Plus, it won’t feel so strange wearing such a small amount of clothing to the pool after you get used to it for a few hours on your own.

Get Some Fun Accessories

Big sun hats, bright-colored sunglasses, and cool pieces of jewelry are all great items to wear with your swimsuit during a day at the pool. These fun accessories draw people’s eyes up and distract them from any parts of your body that you’re trying to cover. Plus, sunhats protect your delicate skin from the sun’s strong rays and sunglasses protect your eyes from those very same rays. So, it’s a win-win.

Go to the Pool With Your Favorite People

You’ll feel instantly more comfortable if you go to the pool with people who support you and who you support, too. You’ll know you’re not being judged by those around you if you go to the pool with caring friends and family (true friends and family don’t judge!). Those supportive folks who you head to the pool with could not care less what you wear to the pool, they’ll just be happy to spend quality time with you! So, invite your partner, your friends, or your family for a fun day of non-judgmental swimming and sunning by the pool. Oh, and while you’re at it, why not pop a bottle of rose in your custom beach bag for a poolside drink with your friends?

Remember: We Are Our Own Worst Critic

Keep this in mind: No one is as hard on us as we are on ourselves. You may feel like other people at the pool are judging your swim outfit, your cannonball into the pool, or the way your legs look in the sun, but, in reality, they are probably (wrongly, also!) thinking the same things about themselves. Try to keep that in mind during your next pool visit. And try to be nicer to yourself. Your body does a lot of great things for you — the least you can do is take it for a nice swim at the pool.


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