How to Enjoy Summer When You Have to Work

How to Enjoy Summer When You Have to Work

Sure, there are a lot of great things about being an adult–for better or for worse, there’s no one there to tell us we can’t have ice cream before dinner or that we can’t stay up late to finish the movie we’re watching. And while that freedom is certainly nice, I think most of us can agree that little compares to the feeling of the last day of school before summer break. Just picture it: you’re sitting in class, watching the minutes count down on the clock, and even your teacher can feel the buzz in the air. The classroom windows are open, letting the feeling of the warm summer breeze into the room, and as soon as that bell rings, you stream into the hallway with the other kids, tossing the year’s papers and books into the air (okay, maybe not the last part, unless you’re living in a movie). As a kid, summer break feels endless, with months of long homework-less days and tons of adventures ahead.

Unfortunately, for us adults, we don’t really have moments like that anymore. Even if you’re a teacher, you likely have summer school to teach or certifications or course prep to worry about in the summer. Just because we’ve grown up, though, doesn’t mean that we should let summers pass us by. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the magical summertime months even when we’ve got jobs and careers on our plates. Read on for some tips for enjoying the summer even when you have to work.

Book Summer Getaways to Look Forward to

You can give “Working for the Weekend” new meaning this summer by booking fun weekend getaways. Having a weekend trip on the agenda, or even a night away, can make the entire work week fly by. By breaking up the routine, you’re carving out space to really appreciate the season and lean into summery vibes.

For weekend trips, you’ll want to pick somewhere close enough to home to cut back on travel time but far enough to feel like you’re really on a mini vacay. Once you decide what you want to do – perhaps a glamping trip in the mountains, a visit to some nearby hot springs, or a weekend at the shore or a beach cottage – set aside some time on Thursday evening to pack your cutest cotton summer dresses and your other go-to seasonal looks into your women's weekender bag, organize your travel accessories and take care of any other trip prep around the house.

Make sure you get totally organized and ready to get out of the door before work on Friday morning so you can hit the road as soon as you sign off, especially if you have Summer Fridays to take advantage of!

Plan Day Trips for the Weekend

If you can’t get away for an entire weekend, don’t fret. You can also make summer feel special by planning day trips to take on either Saturday or Sunday. If you live near a lake, a beach, or somewhere with pool access (some hotels offer day passes for pool use!), pick a few days this summer that you’ll give your swimsuit and you, of course!) some real time in the sun.

Once you have a few destinations or a favorite spot in mind that you can easily get to without committing to too much time in the car, pack your beach tote bag or your backpack with the essentials and get ready to soak up the sun.

While working full-time can make it easy to fall into certain habits or routines, a summery day trip is a great way to shake things up and give yourself space to enjoy the season.

Schedule Afternoon or Early Evening Walks

You don’t have to wait for the weekend to enjoy the summer season. It can be all too easy to fall into the habit of spending hours on end at your desk, especially when you’re up against a deadline or working on a huge project. No matter how busy work is, though, you should always ensure you’re getting up from your desk throughout the day, and scheduling time for an afternoon or early evening walk.

This tip is especially important if you work from home, where entire days can consist of solely moving between your bed, your desk, and the kitchen. While it’s easy to get sucked into staying inside in your comfy clothes while you power through work, this isn’t the best move for your mental health or even for your productivity at work. Make sure you set aside time to get outside and enjoy the weather that’s been taunting you from your home office window.

We love afternoon walks to beat the post-lunch slump or early evening walks if it’s a particularly hot summer day!

You can re-capture some of that summer magic by simply taking time to break up your routine and maximize your time in the sunshine. And while we’re certainly not suggesting you throw your work papers into the air after a long week, we also definitely won’t judge you if you do.


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