How to enjoy summer during a blizzard

How to enjoy summer during a blizzard

Oh boy, here it comes. You’ve been glued to the news, you’re getting wild push notifications telling you how dangerous the roads are getting, and your winter coat is warming up next to the fireplace. You keep shuffling the dog to go outside before the storm hits and have called in sick to work so that you don’t have to deal with any kind of business as the blizzard rolls in. You watch out through the windows till you can’t see anything but the streetlights illuminating the snowball clumps of snow. Your ruby snow boots are on and you keep saying to yourself, “I wish it were summer, I wish it were summer…”

Summer’s not too far off and we have a few ideas that will bring summer back for that blizzard.

Have a flannel shirt luau! Maybe it’s snowing more per minute than there’s ever been snow in Hawaii, but you can make some coconut drinks and get everybody to tie those flannel shirts waist-high and have yourself a swaying synchronized hula. Aloha winter? Aloha summer? We’ll believe it if you do.

Crank the heat on that heater, get some portable speakers, lay down on your favorite beach towel and chill. Bonus summer points if you have a surfboard for some reason, and extra bonus points if you know all the words to “Surfin’ Safari.” (If you know the words to “Sweater Safari” even. more. bonus. points.)

Get that stationary bike out of the garage and put some pictures of rolling green hills and glistening lakesides up on the wall. If your printer is jammed or ran out of ink, then use your imagination! Wow, look at you, you’re in California, biking up the coast…in a toasty winter coat and hat!

Roast some marshmallows over the gas stove or in the fireplace. We’re not exactly sure why this is a summer tradition, this may as well be a year-round thing since we’re fully capable of doing this. We’d probably have to buy new jeans every season, but really it sounds worth it.

Have a warm water gun fight! Boil some water…actually no, this is not a good idea. Dance with me, kids: it’s….shovel time!

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