How to Enjoy a Summer at Home

How to Enjoy a Summer at Home

While most of us love the idea of a big summer trip, it’s simply not always in the cards. Due to work schedules, budget constraints, or other responsibilities or commitments, we sometimes find ourselves spending the summer at home. Just because you don’t have big travel plans on the horizon this summer, though, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the many perks of this sunny season. From incorporating seasonal dishes into your meal prep to soaking up the sun from your very own backyard, there are plenty of ways to bring what we love so much about this season right to you—all while skipping the long airport lines and extra-pricey flights.

Read on for some tips for enjoying summer from the comfort of your own home.

Get Your Home Summer-Ready

Before you can enjoy summery activities in your space, you should take some time getting your home summer ready. It’ll be so much easier to embrace the season in a home that feels refreshed and seasonally on-point. The very first step should always be giving your home a deep clean—especially if you haven’t given your space a once-over since spring cleaning. Taking the time to freshen up each room and declutter any problem areas will set you up for success.

Next, go through each room and pick small projects you can tackle that’ll make your home feel ready for summer. Outside of the aesthetic benefits, this is also a super practical step. For example, swap out any heavy-duty bedding, like flannel sheets, for lightweight linen sheets or super breathable percale sheets. If you've got one, it’s also a nice touch to do this in your guest room as well if you’re planning on having any summer visitors. This will make the bedrooms look seasonally appropriate, while also helping you sleep more comfortably during hot summer nights.

Don’t just stop at the bedrooms, though! You can refresh your kitchen by opting for cute seasonal tea towels and rotating in some bright, fresh Supima cotton towels and some bright, floral scented soaps. In your living room, toss some lightweight throw blankets and throw pillows in bright hues to give the space a summery yet comfy feel.

While these house projects might not seem like the most exciting activity, they’re important first steps for enjoying the summer at home.

Plan a Weekend Staycation

Now that your space is feeling fresh and summery, you should really enjoy it! And there’s no better way to enjoy your home than with a thoughtfully curated staycation. Pick a weekend this summer that you’ll unplug, relax, and break up your routine, just as you would on a proper vacation.

Kick your staycation off with a self-care spa day to really get you in the zone. Turn on some relaxing music, light a nice candle or turn on your essential oil diffuser, and go all out with a long bubble bath followed by a face mask while you relax in your favorite lightweight women's robe.

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking, “dream on, Lands’ End…” as your kids run laps around your desk, don’t fret: an at-home spa day can totally be kid-friendly, too. Little ones or older kids will love the mellow vibes in their very own kids' robes with a fun bath bomb and kid-friendly spa treatments.

Beyond having an at-home spa day, you can also enjoy a staycation by ordering in from your favorite fancy restaurant or cooking up a meal you wouldn’t have in your day-to-day. Perhaps enjoying takeout with your finest dinnerware in front of your all-time favorite movie is in order, or preparing a summer charcuterie board complete with edible flowers to nibble on during a board game marathon is more your speed.

And just because you’re having a staycation doesn’t mean you have to stay inside! Be sure to also carve out time for walks around the neighborhood or a quick visit to your favorite local trail—it is summer, after all!

Bring the Beach Vibes to the Backyard

Sticking with the Staycation theme, summer is a great time to really make use of your backyard. If you can’t make it to a tropical destination this summer or don’t have the time for a trip to the shore, you can easily bring the beachy vibes to your own backyard.

Pack your beach tote bag with the essentials, like extra sunscreen, a beach read, and some fresh fruit to snack on. Throw on your swimsuit with a beach cover-up layer and head out into the backyard to set up in the grass or on a chaise or Adirondack chair. Obviously, major bonus points if you have a pool (if you do, do you mind if we swing by?!), but you can also set up a kiddie pool if it’s a particularly hot day.

Next, kick back in your most stylish sun hat and favorite sunglasses and enjoy an afternoon with a good book or even with the next episode of that great new podcast. Complete the day by firing up the grill for a BBQ or with a picnic of your favorite seasonal dishes.

By refreshing your space, unplugging during a creative staycation, and spending some time soaking up the rays in your backyard, you’ll have no trouble enjoying the summer from home. Plus, with all of the money and time you’re saving by not traveling, you can simply invest more in a winter getaway to escape the winter blues!


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