How to Dress Your Bed for the Holidays

How to Dress Your Bed for the Holidays

When decorating for the holidays, there are those who are part Clark Griswold, those who don’t do much at all, and those who lie somewhere in the middle. Regardless of your preferences, when was the last time you included your bedroom when decorating for the holidays? Even Scrooges and Grinches secretly desire a festive space to call their own, so this winter, why not throw a little holiday flair in the direction of your bedroom? It doesn’t have to be a full-scale operation either. A few choices with just your bedding can make a world of difference, and we know just how to do it.

The Importance of Creating a Welcoming Bedroom

Holidays or not, every day of the year requires you to get a decent amount of sleep. And the stressors of the holidays make a good night’s sleep even more important. While the specific number of hours depends on your age, the average adult needs between seven to nine hours of sleep per night, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So if your bedroom is where you work from home or if it’s full of clutter, you’re not doing yourself any favors in the sleep department. Your bedroom should be a place where all you do is sleep and relax. Setting the mood and making it a space that welcomes relaxation is part of ensuring a healthy night’s sleep. And during the holidays, use festive bedding and throw pillows to turn your sleep space into a winter wonderland is a fun way to entice yourself to bed. Just be sure to keep a few things in mind: color choices, material, your overall color scheme, and the little extras.

Consider Your Color Choices

You can go one of two routes when choosing colors for your holiday bed decorations: traditional holiday or calming winter white. Reds and greens, bright colors, and holiday prints are great ways to feel festive. They feel traditional and are reminiscent of traditional holiday decorations, much like those you may already have in other parts of the house. Why not let your bed continue the theme?

If you’re not so much into the traditional Christmas colors, you may want to opt for more muted colors that are still decidedly wintery. Winter white, much like eggshell or ecru, gives off a soft warmth and isn’t so stark or sterile as a pure white. It’s like a fresh layer of snow brought inside and made warm and inviting. Grays and silvers pair perfectly with winter white for a softer and soothing holiday color scheme.

Be Mindful That Materials Matter

Any easy switch for transitioning your bedroom into a winter wonderland is with the type of material your bedding is made of. Flannel sheets, for example, feel warm and cozy. Nothing will have you feeling as snuggly and like a kid at Christmas more than slipping into some warm flannel sheets. Flannel sheeting doesn’t cling to the cold winter air like some other fabrics, so they start insulating immediately.

If you’re really going all-in with your holiday theme, you might opt for our 5-oz. Velvet Flannel Sheets with holiday prints and embroidery. Whether you choose an evergreen leaf pattern or sheets featuring animals decked out in winter gear, patterned flannel sheets add a bit of fun and playfulness to your holiday bedroom. Plus, they’re made at the same flannel mill as all our other flannel sheets, so they’re just as warm and cozy, just with some added fun.

Double down on the warmth with a down comforter or duvet cover to bring some additional softness to the bed. We love the versatility of a duvet, as it can be changed out seasonally. Comforters are more substantial and make more of a statement. Both can be ordered with a seasonal print or in colors to match your holiday décor, and we at Lands’ End love our special Christmas comforters, made available during the holidays.

Be True to Your Personal Style

When dressing your bed for the holidays, consider your style. If you like the cottagecore style, you might like the look of a white comforter with subtle tiny embroidered snowflakes on it to match some seagrass baskets for storage and laundry. Or if you like to go all out, and want your bed to scream Christmas when you walk into the room, some festive prints in bright colors can do the trick. Bright colors and prints are also great for dressing children’s bedding for the holidays. Or perhaps you like to meet halfway, with red gingham sheets, or green and red flannel bedding.

Also, you can always order your new bedding as a set of monogrammed sheets, which adds a fun personal touch with your name or initials on your sheets and pillowcases. Whatever you choose to dress your bed for the holidays, don’t sacrifice your style. There are lots of timeless bedding options available that you’ll look forward to pulling out, year after year come holiday time.

Elevate the Extras

Your bed is a focal point in your room, but consider finishing off the bedroom scheme with a few touches here and there, like some seasonal throw pillows for your bed. If you have hardwood floors, a soft and cozy rug is a prudent choice. A good rug pulls double-duty as something that’s visually fun and as a savior for feet against cold winter floors. You might also want to include some candles on bedside tables or a nearby dresser. This winter, we love the soothing smell of balsam and cedar, which brings a little bit of nature inside. We love the natural white birch vessel that some of our winter candles come in, too. White birch is a timeless symbol for new life and rejuvenation in the winter, and we also think it looks great.

While the holidays can be a little stressful sometimes, you can make a space for yourself that’s calming and rejuvenating, where you're surrounded by light and comfort. Light a candle, grab a glass of wine, and enjoy your new winter oasis. Relax — you’ve earned it.


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