How to Dress Up Your Plus-Size Swimwear

How to Dress Up Your Plus-Size Swimwear

You are finally going to the beach! Summer is here and you are breaking out that swimsuit and beach bag and getting ready to go. But maybe the beach is a bit of a drive or maybe you have plans for before or after your seaside experience.

Swim Dress

If you don’t really want to wear anything extra, a swim dress makes a nice compromise with coverage and swimming. Swim dresses give you the freedom to jump in the water and join a family pool game without having to strip down as they’ll keep you modest and covered. A swim dress covers your tummy and the skirt is long enough to veil the bottom and thighs; plus, you get a lovely feminine shape.

Swim dresses can help disguise your proportions too. Look for dresses that have belts or fabric changes under your bust to give the impression of longer legs. Vertical patterns like stripes, especially on your stomach, will draw the eye up and down your length, thereby reducing the attention on your width. If you can find long stripes that are darker on the edges and lighter toward the middle, that will also pull focus toward that vertical line in your center.

Sarong Skirt

If you want the coverage of a swim dress but the skirt gets in the way of swimming, take a sarong and tie it around you like a skirt. Sarongs are made of thin fabrics that flutter in the wind and dry quickly if they get wet—perfect for the beach! These also work well for long drives or for lounging on the sand since they function as mini towels you can sit on. If the weather is pretty warm anyway, a sarong to wipe off the saltwater might be all the towel you need. Then, when you are walking the boardwalk, you can make it your skirt again and stroll in comfort.

Beach Coverup

These are thin wraps and dresses made to be easily worn or removed. They help protect you from the sun and give you the modesty coverage for some beachfront shopping or eating. Some coverups are light, kimono-like robes that billow in the wind and give you a great cape-like effect. Others are dresses, both shorter and longer, that are perfect for evening walks on the beach after a full day of fun and sun. Maxi dress coverups are particularly good for plus sizes since the unbroken swath of fabric creates a nice vertical column of color that draws the eye along the vertical line. Whether you prefer a wrap or a dress, both choices are great for relaxing and are typically flexible enough to be added to your casual summer wear wardrobe.

Board Shorts and a Rash Guard

This is for the active people who need that extra protection from sun rays for their long days in the sun. This outfit combo gives the fullest coverage with a long-sleeved rash guard and swim shorts. The tougher materials help protect you from rough surfboard surfaces and for when the tide might push you into the edge of a reef. This is also the outfit least likely to desert you during such a chaotic ocean encounter. And when you are walking around, it’s practically a normal outfit, just shorts and a long-sleeved shirt.

Collared Shirt

If you were looking for something a little chicer, a light-colored, long-sleeved collared shirt makes for very nice overwear. These also button-up, which means you can unbutton to cool off or to show off a peek of your swimsuit. This gives you a nice vertical opening with an interesting bathing suit underneath to draw the eye to your center. You can tie the unbuttoned tails and create a cute top that way too. Keep it to swimsuit bottoms only for a bit of a spicy vibe or add a swim skirt or cut-off jean shorts and you have a decent outfit for hanging out at the local beach bar.


Speaking of jeans, they can stand on their own as an outfit addition. Add a pair of jeans if the evening is a bit chilly, or jean shorts if the day is still young and your bathing suit turns into a top. One-pieces double as bodysuits, tankinis are your new tank tops, and bikinis are like crop tops. If you want to keep your swimsuit for the water, a casual tank top can be thrown on and your bathing suit becomes your stylish underwear. It’s a nice informal outfit you can relax in while feeling like you are wearing something more than just your swimsuit.

Now that you have some new beach outfits to try, pick one, grab a cute pair of sandals, and enjoy the surf!


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