How to Dress Up Riding Boots for a Holiday Party

How to Dress Up Riding Boots for a Holiday Party

There is something quite elegant and timeliness about outfits that incorporate long, sleek riding boots. They just seem to help create a more polished outfit with more defined features. If you love the look of riding boots and want to create more outfit styles with riding boots, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will take a look at how to dress up riding boots for a holiday party.

The Equestrian Look

Riding boots, also known as equestrian boots, get their name because they are often worn by avid horse-back riders. Within that realm of equestrianism, there is plenty of fashion. If you like the classic look of the equestrian and want to borrow from it for your next holiday party, here is how to do it: start with a pair of fitted cream-colored pants to contrast your dark brown or black riding boots. Add a crisp, white button-up blouse and a navy blue or black tailored blazer. This is quite a stunning, eye-catching look, so no need to over-accessorize. Keep things simple with a little wristlet or an elegant, dainty bracelet or necklace.

Perfecting The “Off Duty Model” Vibe

If you want to wear riding boots in a way that is both ultra-fashionable and effortlessly casual at the same time, here’s how to perfect the look: start with a comfy pair of skinny jeans. The color could be dark wash, brown, gray, black, or regular blue jeans, depending on what the rest of the outfit will look like. For the top, opt for a ribbed knit sweater and a long, tailored blazer. If you need extra warmth and want to add more dimension, opt for a white, loose button-up blouse underneath the sweater. Finish the look with an oversized bag (like a black leather tote) and your brown or black riding boots. This is a very trendy outfit that will have you looking quite stunning at a holiday party.

Keep it Country

There are riding boots styles that are far more casual and quaint than other riding boot styles. So let’s get into the more casual, rustic riding boot options. Look for riding boots in earthy tones, like a tan or brown color and perhaps, a more western design to them. Throw on your favorite pair of skinny jeans and finish the outfit with a long-sleeve top and a beige cardigan sweater. This is a relaxed, yet stylish look that is perfect for Christmas parties and other holiday activities.

“The Professional”

If you have a holiday party to attend in the evening and won’t be able to change into a new outfit after work, plan an outfit that you can wear both to the office and the holiday party. Start with a pencil skirt and a button-up blouse or a soft women’s cotton sweater. Accessorize with a chic handbag and a statement piece necklace. Layer with a long coat and finish the look with a pair of brown or black riding boots that end just below the knee. If it’s quite cold out, you can wear thick stockings to keep your legs warm.

The Comfy and Cute Look

If there is no fancy dress code for this holiday party, keep things cozy and cute with a simple, yet timeless outfit. Pair brown riding boots with your comfiest pair of blue skinny jeans (the brown boots and the blue jeans will contrast nicely together). For the top, opt for a cashmere turtleneck sweater in a darker color like olive green, navy blue, or black or a cashmere sweater in a beige or off-white tone. This kind of outfit shows people you know how to put yourself together and look professional without sacrificing your comfort.

Riding Boots With Leggings

What could be more comfortable than the riding boots with blue jeans combo? Riding boots with leggings! And if you think you can’t make leggings work at a holiday party, guess again. Think of the leggings as your base. After choosing a pair of thick, comfy leggings, opt for a top like a tunic. The leggings and tunic pairing create a very flattering silhouette on virtually all body types. Finish the look with a pair of riding boots and layer with a long coat.

Wear Riding Boots With Maxis and Minis

In an earlier point, we discussed combining riding boots with a pencil skirt. If you want to explore other skirt styles, consider pairing riding boots with a cute mini skirt and festive stockings. Or, go for the alternative: a maxi skirt or dress with a slit and riding boots. For the top, layer a soft, cashmere sweater over a button-up blouse. This look has an understated elegance to it while still keeping you comfortable.

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