How To Dress Up Men’s Jeans?

How To Dress Up Men’s Jeans?

Jeans are everywhere these days, from city streets to restaurants to conference rooms. So how exactly do you dress up men’s jeans to make sure that you have that put-together vibe that will make you look and feel great while still being dressy enough for the occasion? First, let’s look at some options.

A Crisp Shirt, Belt, and Loafers

Few things will help you look and feel polished, like a crisp white shirt. By crisp, we mean a shirt that fits well, is freshly ironed and is tucked into your jeans. The exact names for men’s shirts can get a bit confusing because button-ups are also referred to as dress shirts, button-front shirts, or simply button-fronts. Men’s button-down shirts as the name implies have buttons that anchor the collar and cuffs. Regardless of the exact label, these are all great choices.

By pairing a crisp shirt with a men’s belt and leather shoes that match the belt-like loafers, you have created the equivalent of a casual uniform. This ensemble can go almost anywhere that a tie is not required and look right at home while making you look put together from head to toe.

If ironing isn't your forte, find a good dry cleaner near you. It’s always a good idea to have a couple of freshly laundered shirts hanging in your closet ready to go. Starch will help to keep them that way. You can always experiment with different levels of starch to see what will keep you looking your best while still feeling comfy. White is the most conservative (and arguably the dressiest) choice for the combination, but any crisp shirt that is flattering to you will do just as well. Especially for business, a nice blue shirt can be a great choice. If you're unsure of what colors look best on you, think about what shirts or tops you own that just make you look brighter when you put them on, perhaps the ones that bring out your eyes or receive the most compliments. When in doubt, repeat the colors that you know look great on you.

Plaid Instead of Plain

Men’s plaid shirts are a great departure from your standby whites and solid colors. Not that long ago, most guys thought of plaid shirts as something that came in a cozy flannel and would only be worn for super casual occasions or working outside. Plaid has come back into its own as classics always do. You can now find plaid shirts in a wide variety of colors. Especially in spring and summer, this can be a nice touch.

Add a Sport Coat

There's nothing like a men’s blazer to dress up jeans and a shirt. It will take you from a casual outfit to that cool professor look in an instant. Not sure what to wear to that cool new restaurant? Throw on a blazer with your jeans and crisp shirt and you're ready in a flash to impress.

V-Neck Sweater

For an extra comfy alternative, skip the shirt and wear a men’s V-neck sweater with jeans. To look a little more on the dressy side, stick with neutral colors that will coordinate well with your jeans. For a more festive look, choose a bright pop color as the one colorful element in your outfit.

Fit is just as important with sweaters as with shirts. If you're sweater shopping (or pulling a favorite out of your closet that you haven’t worn in a while) make sure to try it on in front of a mirror. The right sweater should be long enough through the torso and sleeves and be wide enough from neck to hip without feeling either tight or baggy anywhere. The right sweater should skim your frame while making you look and feel handsome.

Turtleneck Sweater

Speaking of sweaters, that cool Steve Jobs turtleneck look isn’t going away anytime soon either. A neutral turtleneck (especially in black or charcoal) with jeans will give you instant sophistication while keeping you comfy and warm. For some extra luxury, try a cashmere sweater. They are wonderfully soft, are a great upgrade to most sweaters, and can last for years to come. A neutral color is a good choice for this because it's such a great wardrobe staple, but if something bright strikes your fancy, go for it. Festive sweaters are always fun, especially around vacations or holidays.

Embrace Your Inner Sneakerhead

This idea isn’t for everyone, but if you love your sneakers, show off the best of the bunch with a pair of medium-wash jeans and a casual shirt. Context is everything when it comes to fashion. If you know that dressing up your jeans for a particular group or venue can include sneakerhead attire, why not show off those kicks? A pair of sneakers in just the right colorway can make an outfit.

However you choose to dress up your jeans, make sure that it makes you look and feel great!


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