How to Dress Up Men’s Jeans in the Fall?

How to Dress Up Men’s Jeans in the Fall?

With the glorious crisp air of autumn comes unique opportunities for fashion. Here we will be highlighting the classic jean, but giving them new flare and utility. Fall is an excellent opportunity to rock jeans in a new way. Comfortable and, most importantly, versatile, the jean is not only for only casual outings; we’ve got the recipe for dressing your jeans up so you’ll be looking smart casual, or business-ready, in no time. Follow this easy how-to guide to dress up your jeans.

Make Sure You Have the Right Fit and Wash

The first step to rocking your jean-inspired fall look is having the right fit in your men's jeans. You want your jeans to have a proper fit at the waist, with a slim and straight fit throughout the leg. Not too baggy, not too tight - if we sound like Goldilocks here, you’re getting the picture - you want them to fit just right. The jean should not be too tall as to bunch at the bottom nor too short, as you want to maintain that clean line down the leg.

We also have thoughts about the wash of the jeans. A solid dark blue wash will contribute significantly to the more put-together look you’re creating. We recommend minimal to no distress on the pant, as distressed jeans contribute to a casual look. While distressed jeans are acceptable for running errands, we want a fresh look on you, hence the dark, solid wash. You’ll be ready for your meeting or a nice evening out.

Pair Your Jeans With a Dress Shoe

Once you know you’re in the correct size jean for you and have selected the best-suited wash, from here, you will be ready to dress for success come autumn. While the first go-to shoe with jeans might be a trusty sneaker, we challenge you to branch out and try pairing them with men's dress shoes. A brown dress shoe is a solid choice, while black can be too dressy for jeans. The dress shoe adds a chic element of style that will elevate your daily jean into a put-together look—extra points if you polish the dress shoes too.

Keep Warm with Fashionable Sweaters and Coats

Along with a lovely leather or suede shoe, we love matching a pair of jeans with one of our men's button-down shirts. When picking a dress shirt, a small tight pattern will read as dressier than a larger pattern, which can look more casual. The devil is in the details here; we recommend ironing the shirt, so it looks fresh and clean, and also tucking the shirt into your pants. The dress shirt can also be an underlayer for any of our men's cashmere sweaters or men's V-neck sweater. Jeans are extra versatile and easily paired with just about any color sweater, with grey and navy as essentials, but with the option to branch out to other vibrant colors like maroon or green. On top of everything, add a coordinated tie to make the outfit pop.

For cooler fall days, a sport coat pairs beautifully with a nice pair of jeans. The sports jacket can be an opportunity to play with patterns against the blank canvas of your jeans. Or, if you’re not feeling a patterned sports jacket, select from an assortment of solid-colored men's blazers. On frigid days, men's flannel lined jeans will have you warm and toasty while still looking fashionable.


Elevating a pair of jeans can also be as easy as adding accessories. If tucking a shirt into the jeans, therein lies the opportunity for a dress belt. A nice leather belt will be a great accent. As a rule of thumb, use a belt color that will match as closely to the color of your shoes as possible. A wristwatch can help elevate your outfit as well; we recommend either a leather or steel strap rather than a cloth strap, which you can save for a more casual day. When it comes to socks, try to match them to the jean color, and avoid loud patterns that might distract from the look. If you went for the sport coat look, add a pocket square that color-wise compliments some part of your outfit.

Have a Blast Doing Fun Fall Activities

We love challenging the notion that jeans are only for casual use. As you can see, jeans are well-paired with various shirts, shoes, and accessories, so even just one pair can provide a multitude of dressed-up outfits for any fall occasion. We hope you feel ready to take full advantage of the beautiful fall weather and wear your jeans, knowing you look dapper and fashionable.


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