How to Dress Up Flannel

How to Dress Up Flannel

If you think flannel shirts are only for casual occasions, think again. Sure, maybe they’re not the most formal shirt style out there—but rest assured that you CAN give your favorite flannel a dressy touch. Here are some of our favorite ways to dress up flannel shirts:

Just Add Dress Pants

Tuck your favorite flannel shirt into a pair of dress pants for a look that’s anything but casual. There are plenty of options for choosing a pair of slacks, including cotton/polyester blends and washable wool. Both fabrics are machine washable for easy care, and they come in a range of neutrals such as black, navy, and khaki.

Dress pants come in different styles and fits, so you can find a pair that perfectly accents your flannel. You can’t go wrong with straight-leg pants if you like a classic look. For a closer fit, choose a slim dress pant. There’s also boot-cut styles if you want a modern yet still-dressy look.

Wear With a Skirt

Another way to dress up a flannel is by wearing it with a skirt. There are just as many types of skirts as there are dress pants—if not more. Go sleek with a knee-length or above-the-knee pencil skirt—as with dress pants, you can tuck your flannel into the waistband. Or opt for a pleated skirt for a flouncy look.

To keep the look dressy, choose a flannel with a close-to-the-body fit. You don’t have to go too tight—you can choose your usual size in a classic-fit flannel to achieve this style. If you opt for a boyfriend fit flannel with a relaxed fit, choose a size down for a streamlined look.

If you prefer the coverage and comfort of shorts but want the appearance of a skirt, choose a skort. They come in multiple styles and colors, so you can find one that works for your wardrobe. They’re crafted from soft, easy-care fabrics and are available in multiple lengths. Like all Lands’ End bottoms, skorts come in sizes to fit every body type.

Consider a Flannel Tunic

Another way to give flannel a dressy look is by choosing a tunic top. Flannel tunics are made from the same cozy brushed cotton as traditional flannel shirts, except they have a relaxed fit and round neckline instead of a pointed collar. Another reason to love tunics is that they fall past the hips for coverage that flatters every figure.

You can wear your flannel tunic with slim-fit dress pants to give it a dressy look. Of course, tunics also pair well with leggings and jeggings. Another option is to wear a tunic with a skirt—create a balanced look by wearing a slim-fit skirt with a relaxed-fit tunic.

Flannel tunics are available in multiple colors. In addition to traditional plaid, you may come across other prints. A color-block design is a modern design that looks dressier than plaid, whether you choose a tunic or collared shirt.

Accessorize with a Belt

Both traditional flannel shirts and flannel tunics can be belted for a dressier look. There are wide belts, regular-width belts, and skinny belts—they all look stylish with flannel shirts and tunics so it’s really a matter of preference.

You can wear your flannel buttoned and untucked with a belt cinched around your waist. Another option is to wear a belt with dress pants that have belt loops. Try both looks to find out which one you prefer.

Impart Sparkle with Jewelry

One of the simplest ways to impart dressy flair to any outfit is with jewelry. Unbutton a top button or two of your flannel shirt to show off a statement necklace or wear oversized hoop earrings for instant glam. If large earrings aren’t your style, a pair of stud earrings works just as well. You could also wear an eye-catching cuff bracelet on one wrist or stack bangles on one or both arms for an elegant look.

Choose the Right Handbag

A handbag is another accessory that you can use to dress up flannel. For the most formal look, choose a bag in classic black, navy, or camel. You can match the hardware of your bag and belt to your jewelry for a coordinated style. There are oversized bags for a practical yet trendy style, along with small clutches for carrying the essentials and versatile crossbody bags with quilting.

Opt for Fancy Footwear

The right women’s shoes can also make a casual outfit look dressier. For example, if you’re wearing a flannel shirt and dress pants OR a tunic with leggings, slip into a pair of high heels for on-trend style that’s dressy enough for the office. If you prefer flats over heels, choose a pair of on-trend ballet flats or classic moccasins for plenty of fashion versatility.

There are many ways to dress up a flannel shirt. Use these ideas as inspiration or come up with your own fashion ideas. Flannels work for casual days too—making them one of the most versatile shirts you can own.


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