How to Dress up a Cashmere Sweater

How to Dress up a Cashmere Sweater

Winter is here, and all you want to do is be bundled up at home in your favorite cashmere sweater. But life goes on, and certain work and social commitments pull you out of your cocoon and require something dressier. What if you could have the best of both worlds?

Yes, that’s right, it’s definitely possible to stay cozy in your favorite cashmere sweater while still dressing up for the office and dinner with the girls. We’ve compiled some tips and pointers for the best ways to dress up cashmere sweaters for women. There is no reason why we should have to sacrifice warmth for style. Whether it’s a cozy turtleneck or a flowing cardigan, there is a way to make any cashmere sweater look dressier.

1. Shoes

Your choice of footwear can transform any outfit. With just a change of shoe, an otherwise simple look can go from casual to fabulous. If you are wearing your favorite long and chunky sweater, try throwing on some shiny leggings and a pair of leather or suede boots. Leather and suede are both elegant materials that are perfect for winter weather and will work harmoniously with cashmere for a cozy and chic effect. You can also wear heeled boots to look even more sophisticated. Depending on your personal style, choose shin-high or knee-high boots for an added flair. Feel free to also put on your favorite pair of pumps to really glamorize your cashmere sweater.

2. Sleek Slacks

The right pair of pants can define an entire outfit. The difference between pairing your cashmere sweater with boyfriend jeans versus skinny jeans is massive. The figure-clinging cut of a classy skinny jean is sharper and more elegant than the baggy and relaxed look of the boyfriend jean. Even if your chosen cashmere sweater is looser fitting, the silhouetted look of skinny jeans will dress it up. Look for a darker washed jean rather than the lighter wash, which exudes a more casual vibe. Similarly, pairing your cashmere sweater with a pair of sleek slacks dresses up the sweater. If your sweater has a tighter fit, feel free to explore a looser cut for the slacks, such as a bootcut or even a flare; again, a darker color pant will help an outfit look dressier.

3. Chic Skirts and Dresses

Skirts are timeless ways to dress up any ensemble. A women’s cashmere turtleneck looks absolutely fabulous dressed up with either a knee-length or maxi skirt. The severity of a clean-cut turtleneck is softened by the flow of a maxi skirt and is made more elegant by the smart shape of a knee-length skirt. Aim for a lush material like silk or knit when choosing your skirts. Alternatively, you can throw your favorite cashmere sweater over your go-to dress. A mock turtleneck or a cardigan sweater works well to extend a sleeveless dress into the cooler weather while also dressing up the sweater. The beauty of the sweater and dress synergy is that the dress dresses up the sweater while the sweater balances out a fancier dress. Balance is key and the sweater and dress relationship is a perfect combination!

4. Blazer

Whether going to the office or an event, slipping an elegantly cut blazer over a cashmere sweater can make any sweater formal or dressy. We recommend using a classic cut sweater like a turtleneck, mock neck, or a crewneck to keep it simple and elegant. Look for a material such as a wool coat to keep you even warmer while still looking sharp.

5. Accessorize

Even if you have compiled the perfect dressed-up cashmere sweater look, you can always go the extra mile by adding the right accessories. It’s best not to overdo it with the accessories; instead, think of small bits to add. Some great ideas are a sleek leather belt, elegant drop earrings, a pashmina or a silk shawl, or anything else that adds flair to your cashmere sweater outfit. Feel free to explore your own unique style with your accessories of choice. Your combination of accessories with your beloved cashmere sweater will make any outfit absolutely yours.


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